Saturday, December 02, 2006


hmmm.. seems like this year, i m pretty cursed...

sprained ankle.. strained thumb.. numerous falls.. broken relationship.. and, now, gastric flu! woohooo.. many many first times... as in, first time getting into that situation one la..

vomitted pretty badly on tuesday.. started from the wee hours.. thought it was just a simple case of food poisoning.. but, after a few thoughts, things seem to be fine for the others who dined with me.. so, the problem lies on me only..

the way i vomitted.. first time in my life sia.. vomit till like tat... damn jialat sia.. buey tahan..

so, went to see the doc during the afternoon time.. was also running a temperature.. then, doc prescribed a few medication for my consumption.. which i thought will be better...

things went for the adverse yesterday.. started to have breathing difficulties.. thinking that things have turned bad, immediately, went to see the doc again.. no! i didnt doc hop.. i went back to the same clinic.. go into the same consultation room.. only to find out that the doc changed... hahaha.. so, not my fault.. back to the main subject.. the doc examined me.. took my temperature, which was 38.3 during my first visit, took my blood pressure, which is fine~, listened to my breathing and, make a few "pats" on my adominal area..

lucky for me, things wasnt as bad as i thought.. he just told me that the cause of the breathing difficulty was due to my gastric flu recovery.. gave me some medicines again.. and got me back home..

after taking the new medication, felt much better.. happy!

anyway, got a story to share..

i have a friend.. a very close friend.. he seems to be one would either sae psychotic.. or, others, would call him sentimental..

he just fell outta a relationship.. everytime one relationship fails.. he would just simply dwell into it unwittedly.. he would do silly things like kept thinking of the past.. remembering things tat will only hurt him.. going to places he had been to with his ex-soulmate(okay.. at least he thought she was his soulmate..).. etc..

why would one person go tat deep into the relationship.. ?

is he just being silly or stupid to keep remembering the past?

what good does it do for going back to the places where they had been to?

does it helps at all?

what do u people think.. ?

please help me by telling me what u think.. at least i know how to advise him when he comes back to me again...

xie xie... :)


Genie said...

Hey aaron,you are not cursed la.. don feel this way man,just a pretty bad challenge for you to overcome. hahaha.. anyways, after reading about ur friend's past relationship, I would say that he need some time to recover and I don think that by recalling the past memories with his ex gf is a silly thing as it is a natural course to every mates who have fallen out of love. Maybe you should console him,to look forward instead of keep looking back.. i think he needs lot of support from his friends though.. I would say that keeping memories is the sweetest thing of all. =)

ah ron said...

hello genie... well, yup.. reminded him many times.. but still, i guess, he is living in a world of denial.. hahaha.. maybe shld let him go sort it out himself ba.. who knows.. one fine day, he might just recover from it! hopefully that day will come soon ba.. :D

sui said...

let me tell u my 1st reaction after readin ur tis entry...can't help to laugh out loud! wahaha! while readin it, i'm tryin to figure out who is ur tis so called "close frez" then certain phrase reali caught my attention...wahaha! so somehow i guess i noe ur tis close frez...coz i also have one veri gd frez who does the same silly tin and claimed tat he is sentimental too. wahaha! mayb we r referrin to the same person ba..hehehe...=/

anyway, i have hard time tryin to save my tis frez..but i believe tat 1 day he will walk out himself and understand it a frez of his, now, i can only say tis to him, my pair of ears is always there for him to listen to his ups n downs, my shoulder is always there for him to tears or rest when he is tired, my hand will always stretch out to save or support him when i tin tat's a need, will always support him when he needs a support n will always try to b there when he needs accompany. is juz a little effort tat a frez can do to support and motivate him/her to do sometin tat he/she reali wanna do.hehe..."朋友是一辈子的事业"

lastly, i strongly agree wif wat genie said, "keepin memories is the sweetest thing of all" coz memory is somethin tat u can keep it forever! the sweetness of memory will always suspend at the same level whenever u try to recall it!

ok..take gd care for urself ah! have a healthy mindset n everitin will turn out fine! drink more water ah! juz dun tin too much! =)