Friday, June 20, 2008

my only channel..

i guess.. this is my only channel to voice out how i feel during this period of time..

i really feel very bad lately..

coz, i havent been myself and not the way others think i am..

i dun know how i turned into the one i am today..

but, i too, do not want any change in me..

i just simply cant stop myself from thinking..

thinking of things tat i never wish to happen from happening..

the mere thought of me needing to face the uncertain future just simply freaks me out..

i am afraid... afraid of what lies infront of u and me..

but, everytime when i see you, the feeling just dispells away...

it makes me feel so loved.. and treasured..

departing from you always make me feel sad...

sad tat i need to wait for a full day just to have our moments together...

besides that, am afraid of needing to face all the uncertainties alone.. which i never want to...

but, what must come will come...

and, i always thought, going thru the half yr to first yr period is always a difficult and trying one..

for, tats one reason i really find it very hard to let u go whenever we have to depart..

coz, there is only one reasoning for it... i love you too much...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a little too late...

alright.. heres it.. though, like how the title describes this blog, its better to be late than never.. :D

anyway, looking back.. 2yrs 1day ago.. rushing down to pasir ris from my place.. accompanied by then-gf and family members.. i embarked into a journey where all male citizens of singapore has to go thru.. a test of character, endurance and of course, both mental and physical torture..

looking back those days, like how many others describe, it was a journey which i am sure tat i will never forget.. not abt now.. not abt later.. but, its the future..

it really helps quite somehow tat i have stepped into this long long route..

from being a teenager to a man.. at least this is what being told to us... the "special" transformation of National Service... can be considered as "magic" too.. :D

oh well, definately, i learnt many many things in the force..

be it positive or negative, they are all lessons well learnt... though some might be very difficult to handle.. nonetheless, been there done tat!

from the journey into BMTC(Basic Military Training Centre).. up to SISPEC(School of Infantry Specialist).. winding down to ATI(Armour Training Institute).. swindling my way to AFS(Air Force School) and lastly, to 40SAR(Singapore Armoured Regiment)...

oh man.. the journey seems pretty short for a 2yrs stint, right? but, like i always maintain, outsiders might see it a short period of time.. but, the one in the picture finds it very torturous.. and, YES! torturing to me, k! (at least i dare to admit...)

its not always tat bad though... as i look back, thru this journey, i have found numerous amount of friends whom i dare say, good friends! why? coz, we been through thick and thin together! motivating each other.. slacking, playing and even bathing together!

hahaha.. i must say, those times were simply too fun to be even described out in words!

these people definately left a mark in me.. a mark each saying my story in the army...

with that, finally, i am now officially a civilian! :)