Sunday, September 24, 2006

back to normal...

yup.. i think everybody is getting abit upset over the lack of contents in this bloggy..

alright.. i shall stop mentioning the things i have been mentioning... hahaha.. finally hor.. yup..

anyway, thanks for the company, my friends.. you know who you are.. really appreciative over the time you all gave me during this difficult moment of my.. i think, i m getting well le.. getting on with it.. and, letting things flow by itself.. no point rushing and pushing for results i want.. doesn't mean there is any point waiting for things to happen..

just decided to let nature take its flow..

hmmm.. been pretty busy with my ns life lately.. yup.. typical NSF, isn't it.. ? unless my vocation is being a man la.. which isn't the case.. =P

oh.. ya.. forgot to mention.. been pretty stuck with clubbing lifestyle lately.. wonder if it is lucky or what tat no one is able to club with me.. else, i would be spending loads of $$$ in the clubs.. hahaha.. just suddenly felt that i missed out on alot since my teenager time.. maybe i should start getting back those lost times..

lastly, although i m declaring that i am already in a better state, i just wanna emphasize on a sentence,

"Once a seed is being planted, groomed and slowly, grow into a tree, it would be very difficult to uproot it"

good nite...

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