Tuesday, May 31, 2005

personality? using pigs?

cute pig? abit fierce looking though... :P Posted by Hello

ok, u muz be wondering.. why i so bo liao to draw a pic outta the blue.. not bo liao la.. its juz another test which i took after seeing it from joycelyn's blog.. hahaha.. find it interesting.. muz draw a pig to find out my personality.. hahaha.. ok.. heres the test's results.. :

Toward the middle, you are a realist.

Facing left, you believe in tradition, are friendly, and remember dates (birthdays, etc.)

With many details, you are analytical, cautious, and distrustful.

With 4 legs showing, they are secure, stubborn, and stick to their ideals.

The size of the ears indicates how good a listener you are.
The bigger the better. You drew medium sized ears, you are a good listener

The length of the tail indicates the quality of your sex life.
And again more is better! You drew large tail, WOW!

hahaha.. interesting, right ?! wanna take the test too? heres the URL..
click here!

thanks joy, for taking the test... which resulted me taking it too.. hahaha..

now, abt waking up this early... not that i have lessons... my lesson is only at 0900hrs.. was supposingly to wake up at 0430hrs... to finish my Terms of Reference for my Major Project... or, some call it, Final Year Project.. i like to name it as the latter... heh heh... at least it shows that i have been around at Temasek Polytechnic for quite some time.. =P

better start working on it... coz, its rather "early" already... :)


haha.. heard from my lecturer tat NAPFA @ TP has been postponed to a later date! fantastic... have some time for me to train my fitness up.. make sure i pass at the first attempt... hopeful, i will be able to train till the extent i get gold.. hahaha.. never had a chance to get gold before.. always due to some station.. e.g. standing broad jump and pull ups..

settled with my pull up le.. shld be able to get gold.. now, m worried only for the standing broad jump and 2.4km... i know how to train for 2.4.. but, not very sure abt the training for standing broad jump... anyone who have fantastic way of training it, plz drop me a comment... will gladly appreciate it.. plz do not tell me to carry a turtle shell behind me everyday.. i will probably turn out to be a hunchback before the test starts... hahaha.. :D

hmmm.. today was in a SMS spree.. but, never mind.. have 1000 SMSes in my account.. shld be enough to cover since the past few weeks, i send less than 200 msgs.. hahaha.. but, for the other party.. i wonder.. :P

another thing to think abt.. shld i re-run for INTSC.. ? really wonder.. juz tat i dun feel like missing out the fun while in the main committee... but, also, m abit tired of it.. the hectic lifestyle.. the time consuming meetings.. etc.. so many things to consider before makin' a decision lor.. dun know what to do leh..!!!

aiyahz.. if u pple are reading this blog post, do let me know ur comments on, firstly, how to train my standing broad jump.. secondly, whether i shld re-run for the main committee.. thanks alot.. wan an...

Sunday, May 29, 2005

happiness overwhelming!

have u ever since someone sobbing over a movie's happy ending?

i just saw one yesterday night.. hahaha.. find it very interesting... really!

the movie which i watched the night before was "Monster-In-Law".. if u happen to see someone sobbing during the movie, let me know.. hahaha.. else, i will grade the person i saw as "Unique".. hahaha.. kept laughing about it after the movie.. in fact, its more funny than the film.. hahaha..!

okay, was working before i went for the movies.. finally, did a SQ check in after so long.. errr.. maybe more than 3 months? or, more than that.. ? can't really remember well.. but, it definately was a breeze.. not much interaction needed with their counter staff.. only talk to pax..

everything went almost smoothly.. juz that, at the ending part, there was this old couple.. accompanied by their children and grandson, or daughter, at the airport.. the old couple's son really have an attitude problem... initially, i asked if there were any questions after making a clear and indepth explanation to them.. their first answer was "okay.. ke yi! mei wen ti!".. as they were the last group of passengers around, i then greeted them gd bye and told them to enjoy their trip.. then, their son looked at the stuffs i gave the old couple and kept firing questions without even looking at me.. so, i juz simply answered his string of questions.. after the answering spree, i stayed around and make sure they are okay with the procedures.. then, the son, this time round, kept asking me to leave.. ok.. his tone wasn't at the friendly type.. he kept saying, "ni zou la.. kuai dian zou la.."

what the hell lor... help u so much and this is what i get...

err.. okay.. enough of it.. sure makes me seem angry over it.. but, i m not! juz wanna let u know that, "you qian da bu liao, ke yi ya si ren la!"..

dun be an idiot like the person i mentioned above.. its ridiculous.. oh, another thing! the person's wife asked me how to get to the bus stop... and, guess whats the time when she asked me that question??? hahahha... it was 2350hrs lor.. and they still wanna take bus lor.. weird people.. :D

Friday, May 27, 2005


hmmm.. actually, didn't wanna blog one.. but, after lookin' at a post, i decided to start typing..

well, this time round, i wanna talk about people having prejudice against something or an object..

first and foremost, i know, being prejudice against any situation would make one blinded toward facts... therefore, there are times whereby i will tell myself, "this person definately ain't in the position to comment.."

yes.. i m always siding one side whenever i ask a question to anyone.. but, at least i dun go around saying other pple's opinion and going against them..(ok.. i do sometime.. but, trust me.. i tried not to!!!)

oh well, if you are being blinded by the facts, plz try not to go around influencing others and trying to sell your "facts" to others.. its misleading, ya know?

and, let this be for the those who do the above actionz, u are distorting stories!! so, stop doing it!!!

okay.. tats all about prejudice... lets not mention anything about it..

now, i trying to learn more about JavaMail.. but, the documentation for it is a whopping 90++ pages pdf file! full of words somemore!!! oh man.. this is gonna be torturing.. its like learning a new topic over the studies.. hahaha..

alright! time to slack around for awhile.. then, back to reading!!! :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

feast or fats?

haha.. today.. err.. shld i describe it as a gd or bad one? hahaha..

went to sakae sushi with sui, elvin, christina and xuan.. wah lao.. everyone was in an eating frenzy lor.. eat eat eat.. juz like hungry monsters on the loose.. hahaha..

we started out real strong! having more than 10 dishes lay out infront of us.. gobbling and engulfing any food which is in sight.. hahaha... really scary...

but, soon later, we started to pace down... slowly.. can't even squeeze anymore stuffs in.. hahaha.. the "hotel" was really fully booked!!! so fully booked tat one of the "hotel" gotta vomit the stuffs out.. hahaha.. tat's xuan's hotel.. hahaha..

while eating, we kept joking around.. no wonder tat we will vomit it out.. hahaha..

oh well, also went to the FYP lab today.. fun! never had such freedom in poly before.. hahaha.. besides the food frenzy, elvin and i were in a downloading frenzy too.. hahaha.. downloading many many stuffs to the two computers allocated to my FYP group.. hahaha.. so much so that i used up close to 10GB of space in a timeframe of an hour or so.. buwahahha.. unfortunately, its exclusive of any games which i wanna install... mostly MP3s and programmez which will be needed for our project.. feeling full of zest now to finish the project.. even though i have a pretty blurry image of what is supposed to be done.. haha.. nonetheless, will try to finish up the job.. since its the last semester at TP...

besides the two above mentioned stuffz, today, quite a number of people asked me about my MSN nick.. "omg! wo you dong xin le!"

actually, i wasn't thinking much liaoz.. but, since the brought up.. it kept me back at the dimension whereby i can only think and think and think abt it.. hahaha.. but, never mind.. juz think bah.. anyway, thinking dun need $$$.. :D

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

let me play in mar/jupiter!!!

feel my heart with song.. and let me sing forever more.. you are all i long for, all i worship and adore.. in other words.. please be true.. in other words.. i love u..

wooohooo... this song is great! anyway, m awake so early coz i had a check in earlier.. almost slipped past my mind.. hahaha.. slpy.. but, dun feel like slping.. coz i can only slp for another hour.. zzz.. :D

Monday, May 23, 2005

wo you dong xin le!!!

as the title suggests... hmm.. but then, i know, it would never come thru.. hahaha..
oh well, at least, juz thinking of it would be great.. wait till it really happens, it would be fantastic! when it comes through, it would be FABULOUS!!! lol.. what am i talking about.. dun know.. sounds incoherent..

today's happenings are rather boring.. spent the early hours with daniel, mark and willyn... we met at about 0100hrs... were out till 0500hrs... went for supper.. relax for awhile.. talk talk talk talk talk talk talk.. till almost day break... hahaha..

slept for not more than 6hrs, was then awaken by daniel's call.. asking me to go sim lim with him.. okay.. so, i woke up.. bathed.. then, he called and told me gotta wait till 1400hrs... i was like.. OMG.. then, why u woke me up so early?!!?!?!?
hahaha.. that idiot... luckily today's transport is a drive around... got car.. else.. would have dozed off many many times on the bus.. hahaha.. :D

tat pig spent $835 today! on new parts for his computer... AMD.. hahaha.. hope he will enjoy his purchases! hahaha.. tons of money spent on technology... what a waste.. shld have spent it on me.. :P

nothing much to say.. juz abit slpy.. and, school will re-open in abt.. ermmm.. 11hrs? hahaha.. nitey!

Saturday, May 21, 2005


oh well, the higher the expectation, the harder u will fall from the top...

thats what i always believe.. and now, its the case whereby i tried on...

hahaha.. nonetheless, feeling the fall makes me a better man next time.. buwahahha..

ok.. today is a boring day.. basically, what i did was slp, slp and slp.. so pig!

probably, just tired.. slpt at around 0200hrs this morning.. gotta wake up at 0500hrs to head for the airport.. did two check ins today.. connecting again!! argh!

the first one i completed a group of 24 pretty quickly.. actual time to c/i is at 0610hrs.. finished at around 0700hrs.. hahaha.. the counter staff pretty nice looking too.. hahaha.. bleahz.. anyway, after finishing, went down to the canteen to have my breakfast.. wanted to eat the bee hoon.. but, the stall is closed from 21st to 23rd.. grrr.. so long never eat liao.. got chance, auntie never open.. ahahha.. fated!!! ate the pork porridge instead.. while eating.. damn! i found a small small worm in it.. yucks! its those kind whereby its transparent de.. eeyer.. i took the worm out and continue eating.. hahaha.. din want to waste food.. moreover, stomach upset only what.. wats so scary.. :D

after that, went to the viewing mall to relax for awhile.. fell aslp soon later.. as usual.. hahaha.. but there were a group of indian aunties.. talk so loudly.. grr.. din really got a good rest.. before i know.. times up.. time to continue the second c/i... this time round, theres a tour leader.. but, most of the work is done by me.. giving out the air tickets.. helping them around the counters.. tour leader only did the briefing.. hahaha.. but, cleared quite fast also.. as most of the group members are on time..

on the way back home.. dozed off many many times on the bus.. hahaha.. but, no choice.. juz m tired...

as for the rest of the day.. slp slp slp slp slp slp... hahaha.. typical me.. :)

post camp!

yeah! finally... the event ended! it ended quite well... but, as for some parts of it.. especially the Bedok Reservior and Sports Complex part.. pretty upset abt it..

If it was better, the whole event would be a 101% success! :D

nonetheless, many of the Orientation Leaders and Freshies enjoyed the process! know it when i walked through the different LTs for a closing speech.. hahaha...

so tired... later still must go airport and work... zzz... no work = no money! no choice!!! bleahs!

time really pass so fast... it seems like yesterday i was a freshie.. and today, i m already getting ready to graduate... so fast... can't the time be slower.. ?? hmmm... hai.. getting older day by day... bleahz!

think i shall rest for awhile more and get ready to go to bed... wan an, people! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005



finally, the Week Zero event is gonna get on the track soon... and, it will not take long before it ends its journey!

faster over... faster faster faster... hahaha... hope there isn't any major problemz while the event is on... hope it turns out smooth... lalala.. :)

many things on my mind now... but, mainly, they can be categorized as one!!! thats, the stupid event!!! hahaha.. plan and plan and plan... zzz...

today was another day of rushing about and organizing stuffs... and also, had my final year project briefing.. oh man.. another thing!! my NAPFA is on 8th JUNE 2005!!! RIDICULOUS lor... so near to the date liao.. how they expect me to train my fitness up with such short notice.. still expect pple to pass when there isn't any time allowance for pple to train.. wake up la, TP..

and... second week from the re-opening of school, i need to pass up stuffs regarding my FYP liao.. 15% of overall marks somemore... kuku lor... SOMEMORE... my supervisor for FYP is like some unknown and uncontactable guy... weird... evaluator also dun know who sia... heard that she is one fierce fella who might juz bite u off... hahaha... :D

oh well, now, i gotta go plan out some stuffs and work it out... zzz.. =D

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

post camp blog

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to good manners and elegance.

In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was insecure and in constant need of reassurance.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something that will confine you. You are afraid of marriage.

In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.

I would say that this quiz is rather true till an extent.. oh well, not bad la..

Anyway, i just got back from camp.. the camp went pretty well, just that its energy consuming.. hahaha.. luckily, for the second day of the camp, i had an about 5hrs sleep.. therefore, resulting in higher level of energy now.. as to conclude, i only had 6hrs of slp for the past two nights! shiok ah... like having a training for preparation over field camps.. hahaha..

to me, the event was pretty successful as there wasn't any big cock up.. wah specially point out that my facilitators are very well organized! they are one lot of great people! always acting on instructions given without much queries.. also, of course, making the right decisions whenever there isn't any specific instructions on sudden happenings.. heh heh.. i think, as a leader, they will definately go through this phase.. =D

abit sleepy now though.. but, gotta stay up and do some plannings.. for the upcoming Week Zero event.. zzz...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

a 7 days blog..


oh well, will be away most of the time this coming week.. so, dun think there will be time for me to enter new entries...

camp camp camp!!! i m a camper now! hahaha.. anyway, theres something weighting in my mind..

the defination of "love"... here, this is what i get from www.dictionary.com

"A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness. "

juz wanna say this out.. for no particular reason..

okay.. now, gotta go take my bath le! bb~~~


ok.. i m watching "fei chang nan nu" now...

oh well, they are talking on a topic whereby i think its a very debate-able question..

question: which is more difficult to be, guy or gal??

to me, i think being a guy have a harder path as per compared to the other gender..

see.. everyone have high prospects over the guy as compared to the ger... if, we do not perform as well as what they have gauged u, its like the end of the world... as for the other gender, their target given to them is usually slightly lower.. therefore, it seems more obtainable for them..

hmmm.. another thing.. why do everyone have the mentality whereby a guy is much stronger in terms of EQ ??? what makes everyone think that a guy sobbing is equivalent to a weakling??? this is a ridiculous thinking.. isn't it... ? guys have emotions too.. i think theres every right whereby a guy can cry due to emotional matters... guys can't cry when someone close to them departs for good... what kinda stupid thinking that can be.. ??? and, does it always mean that a guy is usually the party whereby won't cry? i think, guys can cry more than gers does... the only difference is that a guy can only carry out such activity in a closed door affair...

so, conclusion, GUYS are the HARDER to be gender!!!!

the other question.. "Which gender will u choose when u rebirth??"

i will choose to be a girl! i would want to have a "taste" of the authority whereby a ger can enjoy.. the authority are stuffs like, they can juz bask in love given by the guy's tender loving care w/o giving any thought that they shldn't take it for granted... another thing... when it comes to monetary terms, i can juz use the guy's $$$ ~~~ ;)

the above are just points whereby i wish to comment on... so, if u have any views which u wish to let me know, just drop me a comment.. :)

now, for today... oh well, went to nicole's chalet.. hahaha.. its a gers chalet there!!! so many gers.. wanted to play along.. but, better not.. hahaha.. might juz go crazy.. =D

before i end this blog, NICOLE LEE LINGHUI... HAPPY 21st BirthdaY tO U !!!! :D

Saturday, May 14, 2005

back from work!

okay! i m back from work... heh heh...

breezed through three check ins.. though the last one have a little hiccup...

oh well, supposingly, the flight departs at 0420hrs.. but, it was delayed till 0830hrs.. hahhaa..
the passengers were abit unhappy.. but then, they juz kept joking around.. so, i followed suit..
hahaha.. they were initially unhappy due to the group size.. they wanted a tour leader.. but, their total group number stands at 18.. hahaha.. oh well, too bad.. later on, their flight delayed.. oh man.. it just aint their day.. hehehe... but, hopefully the tour will end up good for them.. since they paid quite an amount for it..

hmmm.. feeling pretty alert now.. dun think i will sleep tat early.. hehehe.. :)

Friday, May 13, 2005

its another day!

oh.. today will be more than a day... hahaha..

went to the airport earlier this morning to work... oh man.. early in the morning.. no taxi wanna ferry me to the airport.. dun know why... saw three taxis at different times.. all didn't even wanna stop.. went down at abt 0450hrs.. only manage to get one about 0510hrs... hahaha.. ridiculous..

realise that when u dun need any taxi, they just keep appearing in front of u.. when u need it, they just suddenly disappeared into thin air.. hahaha.. maybe this is a new psychological finding! *dream on*

tonight gonna camp at the airport... hahaha.. 2230hrs got one.. later at 2350hrs another one.. last but not least, 0210hrs... haahaha.. cool eh? think gonna bring the laptop over to accompany me.. just in case i m dead bored while waiting.. heh heh..

oh ya.. this morning, my house suffered a few hours w/o electricity supply! totally nothing~~

its due to the upgrading of e meter.. but, so stupid.. i was sleeping halfway thru and perspiring as if i was working at the gym! hahaha.. but nonetheless, the electricity came back at about 1300hrs.. *relieved*

oh well, time for my breakfast cum lunch.. cya ard! :)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

early morning breezeeeee~


heh heh... didn't feel like sleeping after work... not coz i can't sleep.. juz tat i dun feel like sleeping..

nice working time eh.. hahaha.. at least it can serve well as a training to me..

anyway, was feeling crappy last night.. dun know why.. abit hot tempered too.. hmmm.. oh well, juz kinda make it up.. tats me.. =P

started thinking abt stuffs.. hmmm.. rather pathetic.. tats the conclusion..~

hohoho.. hope today will be a better day up ahead... :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


hohoho... caught up with shaun at the movies todae.. hahaha.. went to watch triple x 2.. hmmm..
initially, he didn't wanna go.. coz, like what he said, "2 GUYS!?!?".. oh, come on.. whats wrong with tat.. i really dun understand.. 2 GUYS cannot go out together? 2 GUYS cannot go catch a movie? 2 GUYS cannot go chill together? what kinda century is this guy living in? tats what i wondered abt.. hahaha.. nonetheless, we still went to catch it...

the show was pretty nice.. but, quite action packed.. probably will take more favourable comments from a guy more than a ger...

heh heh... later gotta go to the airport early in the morning.. so sian.. but, still, muz earn $$$ !!! its time to make some $$$ before sch re-opens.. else, i will probably gotta bring bread to school daily.. hahaha.. bread eating semester... eeeyeer... better start working! haha.. :D

gotta go catch some slp liao.. dun wanna miss anything later.. :)


hmmm... bored...

alrighty.. here comes the post..

ok.. nothing to say..

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

food for thought...

hmmm... was watchin' a show, "feel 100% 2003" on SCV during the early afternoon hours..

there was this scene which i feel like sharing...


it goes this way, one of the main actor, Jerry, had to leave a ger named Cherie as he needed to leave HK for Macau to settle some personal stuffs which have haunted him for several years.. of coz, its about a past relationship.. so, he had no choice but to turn down Cherie's love for him.. poor Cherie, being so deeply in love with him was totally devastated by his decision.. at this moment, Jerry's best buddy, Hui Lok, came into the picture.. initially, the plan was Hui Lok will help take care of Cherie during Jerry's adsence.. but never did Jerry least expected that Hui Lok have fallen for Cherie.. (oh well, Cherie is quite a babe actually.. :P~)

Now, heres the tricky part... theres another ger, Jacky(yes.. i know.. its a guy's name.. but, thats what the subtitles show!!!), who is secretly in love with Hui Lok... aiyooo.. quite messy la.. so, the story goes on...

till one fateful day, Hui Lok proposed to Cherie during his bday party.. yeah.. Jacky was there too.. i could hear her heart shattered into pieces.. (hahaha.. exaggerating!)

exactly during their wedding day, before they went to the church, Jerry settled his stuffs and was on his way back.. he attempted to call Cherie.. but, Cherie didn't want to pick up his phone calls... hahaha.. (typical show...) so, when Cherie and Hui Lok are walking down the aisle.. and before taking their marriage vows, Jerry opened the church's door! everyone was stunted.. (but, isn't it typical.. ?) hahaha.. i personally thought Jerry would make a big fuss to see his girl and best friend as the host of the wedding.. but, he said this sentence of words instead, "Sorry.. came into the wrong place".. hahaha.. noble sia! but, before he could close the doors, Hui Lok ended the wedding ceremony by saying "I don't agree to the marriage!".. then, he started to walk towards Jerry.. on his way there, he took off his suit and passed it to Jerry... (eh eh.. u think what? present for Jerry' s return ah???) hahaha... he then went on to go look for Jacky sia.. bu wei gong... hahaha...

so, the finale was the two couples got together and married.. hahaha..

of coz.. Hui Lok apologized to Cherie for not fulfilling his promises of taking care of her.. but, oh well, i think for that, i salute Hui Lok lor.. heehee.. xiao sa... but, dun know la.. think he shldn't have got together with Cherie in the first place.. hahaha.. but still, my salute! *salute*

long story.. did u felt aslp while reading? if u do.. i can tell u.. the weather so shiok.. even i feel like sleeping liao.. hahaha.. ;)


hmmm... its the third consecutive night i m staying home and doing nothing.. ok.. yesterday night was an exception... driving out alone.. hahaha.. how boring it could be..

anyway, think tat things are getting from bad to worse nowadayz.. juz continue to be this way w/o changing.. maybe i shld juz turn in early and start training up my body in preparation for NS.. hahaha.. but, kinda early leh.. dun know la..

juz feel like rotting nowadayz.. when i feel like going out, no one wants to go with me.. machiam i m some epidemic or have some highly contiguous sickness like tat... hahaha...

tomorrow gotta go airport do check in... sian.. so long never do liao... suddenly lazy to go there all the way... hahaha.. takes abt an hour juz to reach there.. bleahz... !!! but, never mind.. listen to radio bah.. hahaha.. time passes pretty fast with a radio on hand.. of coz.. will doze off halfway thru the journey.. tats why i said, its FAST ~ hahaha...

alright... will juz stick around tonight and hope there will be some activities later.. (which i strongly doubt so...)

nitey, reader.. (whoever u r...)

Monday, May 09, 2005

oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah~~~


went to the airline office earlier on... cool man.. their office quite nice la.. just that the unit abit small.. but, like what yanping said.. nice sea view from their office windows.. hahaha..

anyway, as per what the customer service officer, ken, told me.. the air tickets shouldn't be a problem as the indian uncle's name, together with his wife's, are way too long.. hahaha...

stupid, right? aiyahz.. anyway, juz take it as an experience for me.. heh heh.. now i know wheres republic building.. hahaha..

one more thing.. g2g to shaun's house now.. coz, i think he dun dare to tell his parents about his results.. grr.. i shall give my warm help to him! hahaha.. alrighty ! blog at a later time.. :)

slp n slp n slp... zzz...

hahaha.. i slept for a total of 9+hrs sia... w/o wanyeen's call, i think i would probably be still sleeping my way through... wahahha...

sian ahz... going to the airline office now... as i stated in my previous post, hope they will be nice pple todae and allow me to change the names w/o any CHARGE !!! (dream on...)

but, abit ridiculous leh... normal charge is $250/passport leh... how m i going to find such money to pay for that "i thought register with a name" passenger... ???

what an idiot... give me his stupid initials instead of full name while booking... he thinks he is still 3 years old ah... come travel fair just to register himself and pay $1500 for registration ??? wake up, UNCLE !!!

becoz of ur one sided thinking, u have caused a commotion within the staffs at our office!!! u kuku... shouldn't have booked u in... earn ur money damn hard sia... i still have to come out e taxi $$$ from my own pocket later... u good... idiot!!!

grr... never mind.. shldn't let him destroy my mood... hehehe... today is a nicer day as it seems like my headache have subsided.. !!! took 4 days to though.. nonetheless, its great to know that its gone!!! celebrate!!! hehehe...

alright now... got to go to office le... think my transportation fees this month gonna shoot sky high... -.-"

Sunday, May 08, 2005

another day of weakness...

grrrr.. juz as i thought.. the stupid virus in my body decided to extend its stay..

still not okay leh... jialat... 3 days le.. worse!!!! getta here!!! #(R!(U#!_)Ty#!@#

anyway, had a quite okay day at the office.. only theres this Mr. "A"(Not his real name, of coz!) kept telling me stories of his past experiences with tours w/o tour leaders... i was like... "ya ya ya ya".. he kept me "entertained" for almost an hour with his stories.. till i abruptly stopped him and continued with my tour briefing for him... interesting fella.. juz, abit paranoid...

tomorrow will be one big dae.. gonna get ready to bang table throw chair at the airline office... hahaha.. gonna go there to negotiate with them.. hopefully they will be nice people tomorrow.. hahaha.. juz one day of them being nice will do!!! :P

invasion over?

hmmmm... feeling slightly better after a nap with no fan.. no aircon.. no windows opened!

hahaha.. but, i din perspire much... wonder wats wrong.. heh heh..

anyway, had my dinner with my second sis, her family and my parents... oh well, an unforgettable dinner! 4 dishes which took 2 hrs to come... cool... there was actually a 5th dish.. but due to the long waiting HOURS, we cancelled it...

the dinner's waiting time was worse than a wedding dinner's... comparable... but, a wedding dinner seems to be faster than this.. hahaha..

anyway, gotta go rest awhile and get back to sleep... so, i will feel much better this coming morning! tata... zzz... :)

Saturday, May 07, 2005

no more zest....

zest.. ? no longer applicable for me over my cb job...

this time round.. think i m damn sway... help... someone juz bring me outta this job... grrr...

juz any job will do.. of coz.. muz see if i willing to do or not lor... hahaha..

really sux leh.. singaporeans really really can't make it lor...

hopefully i can see good ones todae....

viral attack!

as the title suggests... argh... down with a virus attack... guess what.. later still gotta work.. hahaha.. superman in the making! juz hope i dun scream at those idiotic customers will do... =D

guess i gonna slp now.. hope everything will turn out better after i wakey..


Friday, May 06, 2005

my salute

this blog posting is dedicated to our former president, Dr. Wee..

even though he was at the highest post of the nation when i was of tender age, it still struck me of the stuffs which he had done for the pple of singapore..

oh well, like what the people kept saying... we have lose a very important n great person..

surely he have had an impact with e people...

Dr. Wee, i hope you will rest in peace at the dimension.. you will be greatly missed by everyone..

not my first attempt!

alright.. this is not my first time attempting to start a blog..

nonetheless, a sudden urge to start doing one came to me.. (as like from the past blogs...)

hahaha.. hope this time rd would be a permanent one..(dun put up too much of hopes for it.. :D)

blog more at a later time... :)