Sunday, November 19, 2006


wooo.. attended a wedding dinner at rasa sentosa the night before..

nice place.. with loads of little "hills".. hahaha.. better known as slopes ba..

kinda nice to be there.. service was pretty so-so.. but, i am very sure that is gonna cost a big fat bomb to my cousin.. hahaha.. whateva the case.. the bill shld be consider as affordable to him ba..

got to meet up with many of my cousins during the event.. not forgetting, this one cousin who my parents always mention... saying that she was born just 2 days before me.. and, we had a swap of birth dates... coz, my aunt was suppose to give birth on my birthdate while i was suppose to be born on her birthdate.. aiya.. complication la.. hahaha.. you shld listen to the way my mum put it.. sure make u super paiseh sia.. hahaha..

oh ya.. after the wedding, went to many many places.. hahaha.. places including lim chu kang.. neo tiew rd(never heard before, rite!?).. gul rd(lots of interesting factories to be seen there!) and, second link! hahaha.. mostly the west side of singapore..

hmm.. not forgeting places like marina bay and this place known as 99 turns! first time being there.. nothing impressive at all.. seriously.. just some curves and bends around the road.. nevertheless, still, the place was somewhere outta the norm.. :P

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