Saturday, July 16, 2005

yes or no?

hahaha.. been thinking of this statement which i got from bryan's IRC Channel..

"Immatured love goes, i need love, thats why i need you, while matured love goes, i need you, thats why i need love.."

To me, it seems pretty true.. juz like how the secondary school students always go.. "eh.. come la.. we stead la.." or, "wanna be my stead?".. okok.. not as if i din used it.. hahaha.. but then, my was definitely better than those i stated above! *laughs out loud!*

Anyway, i think, this time round, i am very sure that my is the second statement.. never felt so deep before.. but, weird thing is, i can still hold on to my emotions.. though there are times whereby i juz need to whine out about my feelings.. hahaha.. Hope that this control will still remain.. coz i know i m in for a long long long long wait.. or, a wait that will never be answered by! :Nonetheless, i dun think i will give up bah.. hahaha.. muz control!!! :D

Realise another thing.. my blogsite counter only jumped 2 numbers for today!!! cool.. no one visiting.. haha.. looks like a dead site le la.. wondering when will i stop blogging.. coz, i have been blogging so much that within 2-3mths, i am already making close to 60 postings.. thats a number which i never achieved before.. :D

m feeling serious tonight.. chionging my stuffs and making a miracle occur!!! wahahha.. alright.. see if got time, later post more.. :P

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