Thursday, July 21, 2005

impressive!!! but..

guess what.. today, while on my way home, i saw something good! guess yesterday, 20/07/2005, was simply my day!!! hahaha..

i saw three mei nu!! a.k.a chio bu.. a.k.a babes!!! hahaha.. in a more layman term, its pretty ladies!!! hahaha... but.. they came in a group of four.. the last person is a guy.. oh man.. how i wish i m the guy.. so lucky!!! argh!!! luckily i stayed back awhile before leaving sch.. else, i would have missed them!

i tell u.. they are very cute looking.. then, most of all, they are simply so feminine!!! not that they are wearing low cut..(juz wanna emphasize this point in case pple think tat i m "hum sa").. they have the looks! really.. dun worry.. checked.. they are not ah guas.. hahaha.. before i forget to mention.. they stopped with me at the same stop!!! and, they proceeded to the same transit bus stop as me! initially, when i arrived at the bus stop, exactly, my bus, 853, came! i decided to make a miss juz to see whether they will be taking the same transit bus as me.. haha.. :P but, nope.. they not taking 853.. then came 147.. they didn't board it too.. so, i make it another miss! *loL*

the next bus arrived at the bus stop and they boarded it!!! *woohoo* to my dismay, the bus doesn't stop anywhere near my place.. its 13.. hahaha.. damn! thought i would simply be lucky all the way.. wahhaha.. ......... before i continue.. juz wanna let u all know.. the ladies are TP students.. obviously.. coz they boarded the bus at TP main gate.. AND.. from the language they used to communicate with each other.. its obviously that they are NOT singaporeans.. definately foreign students.. no.. not from china.. err.. i doubt they are from thailand.. definately not malaysians.. i reckon that the highest possibility comes from either philippines or indonesia! hahaa.. and, yes.. am pretty sure that they are chinese.. juz that they using their primary language of their country.. wahaha... hope to see them again! though chances are slim.. have less than a term to meet again.. :
ok.. enough of tat.. heh heh.. aiyah!!! how to start a RMI Registry!!??!? grrr.. been trying for quarter of the day.. but, still no hope.. tried it in the command prompt.. and also programmatically... still, to no avail! :
better go on to try again.. u guys/gers take care, kae? :)

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