Tuesday, July 19, 2005

interesting quote!

heres a quote which i came by while surfing the net...

Only when the last tree had been cleared,
Only when the last river had been poisoned,
Only when the last fish had been caught,
Only then will humans understand that money cannot be eaten.

kinda true.. everyone.. working up the ranks.. neglecting the people around them.. juz simply for the monetary returns.. and, when they get abit richer.. they expect their friends to be there for him/her.. wonder whats the meaning of life afterall..

feeling abit down nowadays.. dun know why.. maybe coz like what people always say, "sick and tired...", but, hope not! coz, i kinda like to be energetic.. brings out the youth in me! hahaha.. wonder why i m at this current state.. due to the lack of excitment? maybe.. i realise recently, i juz simply want to have excitment in my life.. to perk me up.. cheer me up.. and also, brighten up my life! wonder where will i find my load of excitment.. hope i will get to see it really really soon! juz feel like air-ing out my views.. crapping abit.. ;)

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