Wednesday, July 06, 2005

simple thoughts.. but theres alot of BUTS.. =P

been thinking for awhile..

why don't pple cherish their chance? i mean.. he had her.. and she gave him her everything.., why would that "he" still go out to look for another her?

hmmm.. *raises e eyebrows*

after thinking so much.. i still can't really get a conclusion..

it makes me feel so wasted.. so wasted tat she gave her everything.. luckily, theres no such role in relationships known as a "feelings collecter".. else, u will probably see me collecting all those feelings and keep it to myself like treasure! *hahaha* :D

oh well, maybe she have forgotten abt him.. or maybe, not.. but, my bet lies on the latter.. guiding from the way things are now, theres a hitch telling me that she still can't let it rest.. okkk.. who am i here to make wide guesses.. put it this way then.. as a friend, i am concerned.. *bleah*

anyway, while taking my bath earlier, i was also thinking.. hmmm.. do i really need love? theres a conclusion.. which is, i dun need it.. as i m rather satisfied with what i am now.. but, sometimes, there will still be times whereby i need someone to talk to.. listen to.. quarrel with(but of course, hate myself for quarreling with her[DUH.. i am still a normal guy.. who will choose a mate who is of my opposite sex!!!]) last but not least.. have what i really like, H-U-G-S!!! oh man.. i m so addicted to hugs.. :P

tats not important.. most importantly is.. i think, like i always say, shes the only one i would fall for at this moment..

its kinda hurting to see the amount of care and such i spent on her.. yet receiving none back.. on the other hand, i am rather happy to know tat shes doing fine.. oh well, contradicting! i can be really contradictive at times.. ok.. thats me.. so? what ya gonna do abt it?(sounds like Bad Boys..) *laugh out loud!*

alrighty.. will post up more if theres any thoughts which suddenly flash pass.. :D


sui said...

wow! so confusing at the beginin part! sound like tongue twister! haha! anyway, wat i wanna say is tat seein ur love 1 happy, u should be happy for her! ppl always say 1! if she xin fu, u will be xin fu for her ba! even u r not the 1 tat is given her the happiness! nv tin to be "evil" haha! (guess u should noe wat i tokin bout! haha!) should content le! well! as i always say, "always enjoy every moment u have with her!" there might be small chance which u would not noe mah! and actuali u r xin fu le! well, ask ur cutie cupid to work harder ba! haha! "jia you ba! aaron!" wishin u all the best! cheers! =)

ah ron said...

hahaha.. ya lor.. seeing her happy is the only thing which i can do now.. oh well, though i might be seen as not caring for her.. not showing the amount of care i really show on her.. but still, i hope she is happy with what she is and how she is... all i can do is like what u said bah.. stand at a corner far away from her.. and see her being happy.. next, my cupid is really lazy lor.. ask this little baby to shoot the right person, lazy.. or, maybe, like what u said.. no more arrow!!! :D

hao bah.. i will juz stand at that corner and hope theres a twist of heart from her side bah.. :)