Saturday, July 23, 2005


ok.. missed out on my "get fit" session tonight.. coz i din have my dinner.. plus, i have been suffering from minor muscle tears around my hip region.. hmm.. time to give it a break! hahaha..

anyway, juz finished watching my favourite show! ok.. my favourite show in the past.. its, xin hao nan ren a.k.a S.N.A.G(Sensitive New Age Guy).. starring wang xi.. wang jian fu.. blah blah blah... its a very nice show.. modeling the present lifestyle of a working adult.. ok.. its the past of a working adult.. hahaha.. coz the show's production was like.. errr.. year 2001 or 2002 ?? can't really remember.. but, its nice.. thats all! theres another show which i kinda like.. but, can't really remember the name of it.. its actor includes shen qing shang.. hahaha.. dun know the name liao.. but, i think in general, i like this kinda serial shows which models lifestyles of adultz... that explains why i like "Light Years" too.. hahaha..

enuff abt shows.. making me sound like a potato couch.. hahaha.. bleahz! =P

feeling much better today! errr.. looking back, i think i was really feeling lousy yesterday night.. so lousy that i drove damn recklessly on my way back.. really really reckless.. i tell u.. if u were sitting in my vehicle yesterday night, u will know why.. hai.. it wasn't only an isolated incident.. i did it twice lor.. why ah.. i also dun know.. tats very unlike of me.. maybe coz i think i took things too seriously le.. hai.. juz hope that things will be better! which i know.. it will, eventually... time prevails!!! :P

think i gonna slack awhile before going to bed.. ! heh heh.. gd nite, peepz.. ;)

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