Friday, July 29, 2005


suffering from the aftermath of NAPFA test... :
heres the poor results obtained by the fat blogger..

2.4KM : 13:06 (fail la!!!! :<)
Chin Up : 4 (ya.. only 4.. need 5 to get silver and 6 for gold!)
Sit n Reach : 48 (this one got B... need at least 50 for gold!)
Standing Broad Jump : 197 (FAIL lor.. i really can't jump! :~ )
Shuttle Run : 10.3 (B again...)
Sit up : 35 (ANOTHER B!!!)

see.. really can't make it ever since i stopped exercising.. hai!!!

now, suffering from the aches.. blah blah blah.. all the way from my hamstring to my adominal muscles.. suan le.. feel like i m someone who is paralyzed.. a set of lazy bonez!!!

yesterday really wasn't my day.. firstly.. my system's secondary storage, HDD, crashed!!! and, i have lots of important stuffs in it!!! including all the pictures i have.. MOST IMPORTANTLY, MY SCHOOL WORK!!! FROM SEM 1 TO SEM 7!!! win liao lor.. there was totally no signs of it crashing!!! trying to contact IBM now.. hopefully i can retrieve all the info inside before deciding what to do with the HDD.. not long later.. my dad's system also got problem!!! argh.. really not my day.. luckily i m not specializin' in hardware management.. else.. alot of computer systems will "fly" from my office to the ground level! hahaha..

like what everyone usually sayz.. "relax!!!".. ya.. trying to relax now.. thats why everything, my dad's comp.. my system, are still lying around my room.. all ready to be dismantled... ahhaha..

later got OSIP interview.. hope it is gonna be easy.. let me breeze thru it bah! :)

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