Friday, July 15, 2005

personal views!

Before i continue, gotta have some disclaimer first before i get sued.. :D

The words that are appearing in this posting will only stand for the personal point of view of the entry's author. If in any way it is deemed as offensive to any of its reader, my sincere apology.

Ok.. here it goes..

Its about the current "hotcake" news about NKF..

For the past few days whereby i commented on this issue, i have been standing at the same point of view with most of the Singaporeans.. being angered by the amount of $$$ earned by its CEO.. but now, come to think about it, i was juz being prejudice.. shall stand in a neutral point of view to see this matter now..

Oh well, was pretty shocked to hear from the news that the Board of NKF, together with its CEO, is stepping down to end this public saga over the organisation..

From one point of view, yes.. it is gonna be helpful.. having a new board, new CEO and new management style might help save the organisation from more public scrutiny.. but, its gonna be a time of turbulence for a huge organisation like NKF.. its always like that.. a change of management is definitely gonna change alot of things.. though the flow of work is still the same, the feeling will sure be changed..

Alternatively, i thought the CEO should juz make a public apology over what happened.. maybe if he could, he can juz donate out a certain sum of salary which he drew during 2004(say, 75% of it?) back to the funds of NKF to help the more needy people.. wouldn't that be a feasible solution too?

Look.. like what people who support him says... looking back at the history of NKF.. he really did alot of things for the organisation.. yupz.. may it be good or bad, he still had driven the organisation to its current standing in the society.. like what the chinese always say.. "mei gong lao, ye you ku lao ah".. isn't it.. ?

Hmmm.. ok.. in whateva way it is, i still think that Mr. Durai, CEO of NKF, did a very good job in the past.. u deserve to be remembered in the stuffs u did in the past.. lets juz let what happened be in the history books.. and, as for the board of NKF, u pple did well too.. thanks for all the contribution to both the society and the organisation..

Before i end this posting, would like to comment on one last thing.. the statement which Mrs. Goh stated in an interview regarding the above matter.. i think it goes this way "As a huge organisation like NKF, earning the sum of money(the money the CEO took home last yr) is PEANUTS".. waaa.. peanuts leh.. what a strong term to use.. i mean.. juz look at those families whereby earning an overall household income of less than 5k monthly.. i think with this sum of income.. it will probably take them about 10yrs to reach the PEANUTS.. aiyoo.. you zhi bu dang.. thats what i can say..

Finally, hope that everyone will still support NKF in its aim to help pple who really need the $$$ for dialysis.. and also, the other sub organisations which is branched out by NKF, like, the children funds and cancer organisations.. :P

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