Tuesday, July 12, 2005

symptons... !

1. Stumble in words whenever u talk to her
2. Miss her whenever she isn't around
3. Always looking at the MSN hoping that she will come online
4. Think of what u gonna say to her when she comes online
5. Always checking on the hp, to see if there is any SMS.. if there is, hoping that it is from her..
6. Willing to wait for her no matter how long it takes
7. Adapts her feelings(When shes angry, you are angry...)[Super Class!] boy extends girl!
8. Sensitive towards whatever action/words she do/says to u
9. Willing to do silly things for her even though its not directly concerning her
10. Willing to "si chang lan da", but, when it comes to a time whereby theres totally no hope, u wouldn't mind standing at a far corner and see her being happy.. and gets contented with it..

ok! here are the 10 general symptons of love! how many does it applies to u? oh well, i have lots of others including all of the above... juz that i dun think it applies to everyone for those i din mention.. examples, driving around!, sending greeting SMSs only to her.. blah blah blah.. hahaha.. alright.. maybe those who wanna test themselves whether they are crazy over someone can ponder abit over the symptons i mentioned above... if all 10 are present, u are crazily in love! more than 8, you are in love! more than or have 5, you are on the verge of being in love.. less than 5, maybe u can consider giving the other side a chance to increase the numbers! :D

haahaa.. abit ridiculous to put such a posting.. but, juz wanna share it with u guys out there.. :P

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