Tuesday, July 19, 2005

no more leftover oil!

had only an hr of slp for the night before.. why? ask my sch lecturers.. hahaha.. its a torment.. they always need to choose to have project submissions together.. i just simply dun understand why.. maybe they have had the same kinda feeling my peers and i having now.. so, its pay back time! haha.. oh well, who knows.. i might be just simply dead right! :D

anyway, thought the day would be a lenghty one.. coz of my stupid timetable.. first day of the week and i m suppose to clear two core subject labs.. cool eh? i think its stupid.. as i was saying.. lenghty day.. but, not really what i expected.. coz may, my dscn lab tutor, let us off early today!(do i sound like some pri. or sec. sch. student who juz had an early release from class?) hahaha.. anyway, she is really a good tutor.. maybe coz her age gap between the students and her ain't that great.. heard shes only 28.. hahaa.. good.. understanding teachers are always the best sought for! :D (she only took less than 30minutes to conduct a 2hrs lesson!)

enuff of sch! now, below is the latest acquisition!
lazy to take an actual photo of it.. therefore, i juz leech this photo from www.creative.com

dun worry.. the actual size of the mp3 player is smaller than the size of a human being.. hahah.. its juz like the size of ur palm.. thats all!

ahhh.. finally get to have some rest time from sch work.. heh heh.. gonna juz slack around for awhile before taking off for more projects.. :
take care, people! :)

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