Saturday, July 09, 2005

broke le.. !

hahaha... it was a k outing yesterday!

we had so much of k-ing till we did tat for almost 8hrs!!! waaa.. win liao lor.. imagine if i go there juz to sing one song.. 8hrs x 60 = 480mins.. 480mins / 5 mins = 93.. fwahz.. if i m singing a 5 mins song, i would have sang it for 93 times!!! win liao lor.. hahahaa... :D

anyway, was out yesterday with the main bulk of my caregroup.. went to kbox first at suntec to sing.. sing.. and sing.. then, move on to fish and co! during dinner, we presented our own defination of presentation to Jason, our bird-day boy! hahaha.. here it is.. :D

know how old is jason? (count the number of cakes bah!)

the pple who went for the outing!

then, after fish n co, we went on to spaceship, another karoke session is brewing!!! hahaha.. but, this time round, many of us shagged out le.. so, left with ming yao and jason singing most of the songs.. as for the rest, we juz relax one corner.. almost fall aslp.. and such.. hahaha.. juz relax la!!! :D

as for why the topic.. juz taking a look from yesterday's highlights.. u will know how much we spent... hahaha...

last but not least, yesterday was one hella great day as it has been quite long since my caregroup pple come together as one.. hahaha.. u pple are juz so loving during times! doing all the silly stuffs together.. rubbishing all facts into one.. hahaha.. never know when can believe each other and such.. hehehe.. nice pple! but, i think coz i m there.. thats why u pple are nice!! hahaha.. tats the highlight.. heehee.. =P

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