Friday, July 15, 2005

time flies...

Come to think abt it.. time really flies... as in, it has been close to 2 mths since school re-opened.. it will soon be the final semesteral examinations for me..

Oh well, this semester has been pretty okay for me.. maybe, the hardest time of this semester have yet to come.. thats why i thought its okay.. hahaha.. anyway, i am still thinking of whether i should apply for overseas attachment.. its like a 4 mths overseas stance.. no friends.. no family.. no u.. no me(in singapore la..)..

Have lots to consider.. but, my current intention is to apply first before coming into a conclusion.. sometimes, u juz need to leave the place u like for awhile before realisin' how important the place is to u.. Not as if its my first time going overseas alone.. just that this time round, the period of time will be slightly longer than the past..

The longest i have been overseas alone was juz 8 days.. now, we are talking abt 4 x 30 = 120 days.. this is a big difference.. isn't it.. ? moreover, not as if i will definately get in.. hahaha.. who cares.. juz whack then say bah! :P

Been slacking around this few dayz.. dun really know what i wanna do and end up as.. but, i know, if i continue to do so, i will meet my maker soon.. hahaha.. argh!!! muz be determined!!!

Next, can someone juz stop hurting me!?!?! i seem pretty vulnerable to feelings nowadayz... juz abit can make me feel its alot.. so much that i can't handle it.. no longer the "xiao sa" person i used to be! maybe i m juz too concerned abt the feelings around me.. is it good or bad? up to u to judge.. but, to me.. its something bad! :
Long time since i update the blog with my personal views.. and my personal happenings.. hahaha.. Alright.. will try to do more of such updates, instead of lyrics posting, in the future.. ;)

jUz wOke uP... zZzz... :D

*sEe nO eViL, hEaR nO eViL & saE nO EviL!!!*


Anonymous said...

Yew.. These pictures again... ")!

ah ron said...

hahaha... anonymous, ni bu hui xin shang de la! :D