Saturday, July 02, 2005

thunderstorm.... !!!

errr.. ok.. its not as serious as i have stated in my title..

juz, its like, this thunderstorm have occured several times already.. getting use to it too..

ok.. nothing in particular.. juz wanna mention this out..

now, i feel rejection is a feeling which is almost the same as breaking up..

juz that, for each feeling, there are basically two kinds of emotions u will have to face.. firstly, the most well known, heartache.. secondly, the amount of urge u face, wanting that person u love..

ok.. for this two feelings, the amount of it defers from the two stated emotions..

for me, under rejection, the feeling with mostly felt is the 1st feeling, which is the hurt.. of coz.. next, would be the latter..

as for break ups.. i think it will be opposite of rejection..

coz, when u are in a relationship, u will get so used to having the other partner so close to u.. someone who is willing to listen ur crap, and feel "entertained" even though its crap, listen to u as if in this world, theres only u talking.., last but not least, give u the warmth and love which u want n need... therefore, when all these "privileges" simply juz disappear, u will miss it more than u feel hurt...

the amount of love u sent out.. became the 2x the amount of hurt u received.. thats what i view of rejection.. hahaha.. its like, cupid shooting an arrow.. and, the arrow came back to u with another arrow accompanying it.. shooting straight back at u.. waaa... pain ah! hahaha.. so, my recommendation, dun anyhow shoot arrow(s) bah.. else, u will be surprised by the amount of hurt it will mount on u... hahaha..

anyway, would like to wish Joseph and Xueli the best of their marriage! doubt they will see this greeting... but, at least, i would like to dedicate this small portion of my posting to the newly wedded!!! :D

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