Monday, December 05, 2005

gruesome... (dun read if u are afraid!)

woohooo... ok.. my weekend just ended..

anyway, this weekend wasn't really an enjoyrable one... why? coz, 3 outta 5 of us "dua lao"!!! (diahorrea)

wahaha... and, i am inclusive... -_-"

it all started when we had our lunch during the saturday afternoon.. when we went to a buffet lunch around our area.. its like.. we have been visiting this restaurant outlet for several times... its coz the food is pretty nice.. most importantly, its quite budgeted for all of us.. so, we just keep patronizing it.. after that, we took a almost 4-5KM walk to the "Spencer Plaza"... as usual... i think this time round, it should be abt 6-7KM... coz we started out from the restaurant.. which is further from our apartment to Spencer.. but, thats not the main point... the main point is, when we reached there, shopped for awhile.. (btw, i bought a Struts Guidebook there.. which is like less than SGD20... can never find such price in Singapore.. =X) then, visited a "Fruits" outlet which is within the Plaza itself... the place is pretty posh in look.. and, the fruits everything look pretty fresh.. had a California Quencher(Watermelon Juice) and Strawberry Milkshake... yeah... was feeling thirsty.. thats why i took that much... costed me abt 65rupees(SGD2).. cheap.. but, that was just the start of the nightmare!!! -_-"

while walking back.. it started to drizzle.. as yh wasn't feeling very well, i walked slowly with him while the rest ran home.. so, was pretty drenched when we arrive back home.. lasted for awhile.. before deciding to retire for the night.. it was abt SG time 2300hrs when i decided to turn in.. but, who knows.. turned and tossed on the bed for abt 30mins.. still can't fall aslp.. (the fruit juice was still trying to be dissolved in my stomach).. so, decided to go to the hall where the rest of them are.. and, just play some games.. that was when i started to feel my stomach isn't in the right state as it should be... was suspecting that i am suffering from indigestion.. so, took some medicine and was finally able to call it a night at around SG time 0500hrs.. and i thought it was over... nope!!! woke up several times throughout the night to "clear" the fruit juice from my stomach..

finally, day break.. i woke up.. went to take my bath... in the end, i spent abt 30mins in the bathroom... why? coz i cleared my stomach thrice!!! wah lao... after the bath, the story still hasn't end.. cleared it for another 3times.. -_-"

guess i got a mild food poisoning.. the same happened for Jimmy and Yong Hon... wahhaa... the three of us just continue complaining... LOL... so, yup.. that was how i spent my sunday.. "clearing" the "mines"... :D

btw, we ordered Subway for lunch.. and it costed us each SGD4.. just for the sandwich.. so exp.. guess this is gonna be the first and last time we are gonna order subway delivery... :X

a breakdown of the price list...
Chicken Teriyaki Price: $178(2 orders) Tax:$29.90
Tuna Sandwich Price: $79 Tax:$13.27
Cookies Price: $40 Tax:$2.98

P.S.: At the end of the receipt, it writes "Thank You For Loving Subway".. and i thought.. yeah.. loving u for "robbing" us... :X

And you thought 5%GST is high.. just when u take a calculation over their tax here.. hahaha.. :X

Here are some photos to share with you people... :)

The Spencer Plaza which i have been mentioning about...

Inside view of Spencer Plaza!

The "Slump" area which is just beside our apartment.. for the benefit of those who don't understand whats Slump, its an area populated by people who are beneath the poverty level..

Another snap shot of the place!

This is what happens after a night of rain.. P.S.: The pic is taken one night after the rain.. so, see.. these isn't something which u can see in Singapore! :)

Alright.. thats all for tonight.. Wan an! :)

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