Wednesday, December 14, 2005

just another day!

another day has ended... from java work.. :X

anyway, went thru several java forums.. and, i found this quote, "Believers are happy people while Doubters are wiser people!" of course.. i have edited some of the words.. but, listed the ones which i found exceptionally meaningful.. hahaha..

don't you just find this quote meaningful?? woohoo... to be happy, you just got to believe... to be wiser, you just got to start doubting!!! (nope.. not saying that doubting on your partner for fidelity will make you wiser.. *chuckles*)

now... more about my life here... been working on my application throughout the day... aiyoo!! so tired.. facing java all day.. soon, i will turn into a java geek.. bleahz.. =P

still, i am a big big big big big gap away from completion.. (oh.. come on.. my assignment is self-assigned.. who will ever stop expecting new functions and stuffs.. imagine yourself playing the client and developer.. woohoo.. sometimes, u just want to take a knife and stab urself.. :X)

ahh... abit crappy now.. still waiting for the taxi to come.. supposingly to be here by 1745hrs... now, its already 1805hrs.. always need to wait for the taxi for abt an hr.. so, i doubt i will be leaving this place any sooner.. :X BUT... i am going to go to the canteen and grab a bite! woohoo!!! *drOoLs*


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