Monday, December 26, 2005

a outta city experience!

how we spent our christmas at India?

we went outta Chennai City to have a look at the outskirts of it! everyone agreed that the view at the outskirts of the city is definitely breathe taking.. !

the view i saw was definitely of the same with the view i get when i am on a cruise.. if not, its better than the cruise view..! u can see the sun beam shining through the clouds.. and shining onto the Bay of Bengal.. waaa... fascinating!

did i make it sound like a view you never should have missed? it is true! it is nothing but the truth! hahaha.. just too bad as my camera couldn't get such a nice view..

besides the sunshine, we were also able to view the huge wave produced by the Bay.. its really huge lor.. so much so that there was this advice not to swim as the wave current is way too strong.. i think the wave was possibily the height of one level.. not joking.. its really that high.. but, i really enjoyed the scenery which i got during the trip.. it will be definitely cherished within my memories!

oh.. talking so much about the scenery.. forgotten to mention where we went.. hahaha.. as stated above.. we went to the outskirts of Chennai City.. known as Mahabalipuram.. (don't know if i spell it correctly.. initially, i used to have this pronuaction barrier.. hahaha..) it goes... Ma-ha-ba-li-pu-ram.. includes some.. you know.. head shaking to make it sound right.. (no offence at all!) ;)

the place features quite a number of stone temples.. but, there was this particular area whereby you can view both the stone temple and the shore.. but, the entrance fee was a whopping 250rupees!!!(5 USD or 10 SGD).. and, for their locals.. it is only 10rupees.. 25times difference...!! but, never mind.. lucky for us, Shannon came along with his wife.. and he brought us around to another place.. to see the temple.. but, no shore.. hahaha.. still, everyone was appreciative to his hospitality!

after the hectic morning of moving around, btw, we started out at about 0800hrs(Chennai Time), we settled down in the afternoon at this seafood restaurant which Shannon usually patronize.. the seafood there is.. woohoo!! we ordered each a tiger.. or, should i say, monster prawn! hahaha.. why do i use that term? coz the prawn's head is as been as the middle finger!!! with comparison to Nassa's fingers lah.. (don't worry.. i took a photo of it.. will post it up at a later time..) besides the "monster" prawns.. we also had calamari.. french fries.. and lastly, lobsters!!! hahaha... :P~~~

but, the price was pretty high to pay for.. yeah.. u think we pay? nope.. it was Shannon who footed the bill.. so kind of him.. making time to accompany us for the trip.. and yet, footing our bill.. wah lao.. where to find such good soul in Singapore?! hahaha..

when we are done with our lunch.. we headed back to Chennai City.. stopped at a coffee house known as "Coffee Day" to have a cup of coffee.. what a nice way to spend your sunday! hahaha.. had brownies.. and other several stuffs there.. nice, i would say.. not to mention, we actually had some problems at the coffee house.. which, i shouldn't say what it is.. :)

before i continue with the iti, i forgot to mention, before we make the trip to the coffee house, we actually stopped at a shopping area known as "Malayana", if i am not wrong.. weird place.. why? coz you need to pay entrance fee to enter the shopping mall! it will cost 250rupees!(50 rupees for the entrace fee and 200rupees for the shopping voucher.. what a way to ensure pple spend money at ur shopping mall..) nonetheless, deterred by the pricing, we headed straight to the previously mentioned coffee house..

straight after the dose of caffine, we continued our journey to a boutique.. known as "Fashion Folks".. as usual.. spent lots of money there buying stuffs.. wa lao.. come to think about it.. i spent close to 6000rupees(SGD200++) shopping around liao.. never had this shopping fever before.. better start curbing this bad habit before it becomes un-curable!!! hahaha..

as you think the iti will continue, it ended.. we parted with Shannon from "Fashion Folks" as i think the young couple seems pretty tired.. going up and down.. ahahah.. but, thats not really the end for us.. but, i will try to cut short the following iti...

we continued our day by heading back home first, as Jimmy didn't feel like coming along.., then, to Spencer Plaza.. before making a trip to "Raganathan Street", for shopping of books, lastly, "Pelita" for our dinner!

had a hella a day on 25/12/2005... wooohooo! :X

lastly, before i end this posting.. for the rest of this yr, i will be posting up several other postings regarding the happenings of 2005.. as a kind of reflection thingie.. *grinz*

so, drop by more frequently if you are not bored by my life.. :P

P.S.:took quite an amount of pictures during the trip.. from two cameras.. total sums up to 60MB of pictures!! :D

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