Sunday, December 18, 2005

another weekend!

woo... another weekend is abt to pass... gonna be left with 5 more weekends.. officially, shld be 4 more weekends as the last weekend will be spent on flying here and there.. :X

hmmm... didn't really get to do anything much during this sat as the weather is always, behaving unpredictably... having like frequent showers... on and off kind of situation.. *sighz*

the only thing we did on sat was like going out for lunch... and dinner.. where we had them? at the same restaurant, Pelita... hahaha.. in total, for sat, i had 1 Roti Canai, which is also known as Roti Prata Kosong... (but, their prata is really very big serving one.. its like 3 kosong added up together...), 1 Roti Bom, which is also known as Bomb Prata(Mixed with sugar and milk carnation..), 1 Roti Pisang, just like gorang pisang.. but, its in the form of Prata... and 1 Mee Rebus... LOL... all these for the day... u bet.. its so damn filling.. wahahha...

(this time round, i can't blog in Chinese as too many malay food are involved... :X)

don't know what to blog.. everyday here seems to be so routined... eat, slp, slp, play, bathe, watch tv.. thats all.. hahah.. not like we wanna do the same stuffs throughout.. just that the weather really doesn't permit us to do things like exploring, etc... grrr.. talking abt weather.. we walked in the rain while heading back home from dinner.. the weather is so cold lor! its as if u are in the air conditioned room.. w/o clothing.. that kinda climate lor.. hahaha.. damn fun.. something which i can't do in Singapore.. :X

having quite alot of fun nowadays.. starting to appreciate things here.. just like a small baby getting comfortable with a new environment.. *giggles* :)

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