Thursday, December 22, 2005


been trying to work out on ways to retrieve print services without using the official package bundled in sun's jdk...

oh man.. this is a tedious job.. so tough till i think i gonna surrender soon...

yea.. u might think its easy as there are so many external packages to achieve the task.. but, there ain't any open-source ones!!! argh...!!!

getting quite pek chek over this issue.. but, shall curb my temper over such stuffs... sometimes, things occur beyond your control, thus, you shouldn't get upset over it as you know.. you ain't in the control!

but, the sheer thought of this being my first assignment, and failure isn't an option... hai.. how how how..??? how i find the answer on how to achieve it ASAP..

anyway, very likely, we will be leaving Chennai this weekend to the outskirts of Tamil Nadu.. woohoo.. finally.. a trip outta the city.. something new and will therefore, be an experience! *winks*

shall continue my research effort.. wish me luck!

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