Friday, December 09, 2005

good start!

today morning was a pretty good start of the day..

firstly, our apartment's bell rang at about 0850hrs(Chennai's time).. we were all thinking.. die.. sure we have got Muthu to send us to work today as he is always early to fetch us.. never known, it turned out to be a "salesman-looking" like driver which came.. why i said that, coz he was like wearing a long sleeve short together with a tie.. who knows.. a taxi driver wearing tie.. in india... i know it does exist in Singapore whereby taxi driver wears tie.. that is if they are driving a mercedes taxi.. but, it is super rare to see one wearing tie when he is just driving a mini van.. hahaha..

when we got into the taxi, he claims that he speak english.. we were like.. "hmm... you sure?".. why? coz his english is pretty hard for us to understand.. not coz its too sophisicated.. becoz his english has this mix of indian accent with tamil words in it.. we definitely have a hard time understanding what he was trying to say.. hahaha.. not long later, he started to introduce the place(Chennai) to us.. i was like thinking... "is he trying to train himself to be a tour guide??" hahaha.. interesting guy.. after the introduction session, he started to ask abt the language in our country(Singapore).. and he told us that he is a Muslim.. ahh.. we have two Muslim in our group.. tat is Nassa and Saiful.. so, Nassa talked to him for awhile before he told us tat he is an Arabic.. this moment, yh and i look at each other.. we were thinking.. how come he is like "EVERYTHING" ?? hahaha.. damn funny sia.. but i would say that this guy is trying to learn as many things as he could.. which is pretty nice to see that.. considering tat would definitely enrich his understanding.. hahaha.. one of the most interesting guy i met ever since i landed in Chennai.. :P

anyway, heard from our immediate supervisor in Singapore at our host company that there will be a group of 5 girls coming over on 15th Jan. 2006.. we were like.. "wa! so adventurous of the girls!".. hahaha.. seriously.. i find them super adventurous lor.. so, was wondering for awhile.. why did they make such a decision to come? hahaha... maybe just to receive some experience/exposure to a developing country.. so, responding from a request by our supervisor, i started writing a "survival" manual for them to reference.. hahaha.. yet to complete.. but, i can say it should be their manual which can help them ease their stay here at Chennai... :X

alright... gonna get back to work.. chill, guys! i will take care of myself even though the weather reports is stating that a cyclonic situation is heading for Chennai! =X

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