Thursday, December 08, 2005


hmmm... finally, had a good night slp... minus off the fact that i gotta wake up earlier this morning to do some breakfast cooking... (err.. nope.. not like those sumptuous breakfast treat u have when ur mum cook for u back in Singapore..) *grinz*

anyway, we, yh and i, went to the hospital yesterday during our lunch break.. NOPE.. not in an AMBULANCE.. LOL... we walked there.. -_-"

waited for quite sometime before we finally get to consult a doctor.. (btw, they don't have any queue system here.. what u do is, you gotta wait outside this consultation room and wait for the nurse to call you.. as we were sitting down on the bench, our queue was "jumped" several times.. that explains why we waited for so long...) soon later, the doctor brought us to a consultation room.. and, i can tell you.. the doctor simply doesn't look like a doctor.. -_-" firstly, the doctor's height is like one head shorter than me.. around there.. secondly, she is a lady of age close to 60, i think.. thirdly, it was an incident which occured when she tried to take a jab on YH.. LOL..

initially, she was asking if yh and i wanted to have a "drip".. thinking it is too much of a hassle taking a "drip", we asked for an injection and some medicine instead.. so, yup.. the doctor went out to get the injections.. soon after her return, i looked at the syringe she was holding.. OMG.. the needle is so huge in size.. LOL.. never mind abt that.. so, she asked yh to take off his pants.. but, yh, didn't really catch her until i told him in Chinese that she wanna jab him via his butt.. LOL.. so, i asked the doctor if the jab could be taken on the arm, luckily, she said yeah... LOL.. else, i really can't imagine what is gonna happen to his or my butt.. coz, when she was trying to jab yh's arm, the syringe actually broke! LOL.. its either she pushed it too hard.. or, yh moved.. but, i think its the former.. coz yh said he didn't move.. LOL.. for that, yh's arm was bleeding and now, suffering from a "blue black" mark.. LOL..

as for me, lucky enough, nothing happened at all.. just that, the mark the needle left on my arm is pretty big.. this explains how "huge" the needle is.. :X

after my jab, i asked the doc for a medical receipt.. as she was explaining to us the medicines she is prescribing to us, she didn't really take note of my request.. btw, the way they handle medicine here, very funny sia.. lol.. she just simply give us medicine w/o telling us what type it is.. luckily, both of us have no drug allergy.. else, the consequences will be undesireable.. :X i suspect the pills she gave us is probably some anti-biotics.. don't really know.. but, all i know is, everytime we take medication, it will be 4 different pills to take.. so many.. LOL.. -_-"

alright.. enough of all these.. shall tell you all more about any interesting stuffs another time.. its time to work on my small project.. :)

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