Wednesday, November 30, 2005

the world doesn't revolves abt u..

don't know why i chose this title.. but, think its very applicable for those who are self-centred... its probably time for these kinda pple to wake their idea up and think of whats happening around them.. *grinz*

if u have been reading, you will remember that during one of my earlier posting, we had taken a dishonest taxi driver's trip here.. costing us abt 80+rupees when the normal trip only cost us abt 65rupees... yesterday morning's ride was again by him... this time round, he took us along a longer route... the trip costed us 90rupees!!! crapz... when we reached our destination, he even asked us whether we need him to fetch us back... -_-" oh man... dream on... from 65rupees to 90rupees... why would i wanna bother myself by paying so much more... ahhaha... crapz.. anyway, we took down his name and vehicle number.. everytime when we call for taxi, we will mention not to have this driver anymore.. bleahZ~

Taxi Charges
Trip < 3KM will cost 50rupees.. (Thereafter, every 1KM costs 10rupees)
Waiting time more than 5mins - 10rupees (Thereafter, every 1min costs 10rupees)

(p.s: the trip from our apartment to workplace is about 4.2-4.6KM...)

enough of saying.. btw, i think the food here is kinda nice... heehee.. :X

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