Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Reflection: April - June (2005)


April was quite a big month for me… why? For many reasons!

One of the reason, is that I will be having 21st birthday celebration on this month! At an initial point of time, I was much looking forward to the actual day of my birthday… it brings so much anxiety and happiness to know that I am turning 21…! But, when the time draws nearer, I started to dread this feeling… It makes me feel so damn old… and, reminding me of how much I miss the time being an ignorant teenager… budging my life away… enjoying the youthful times… oh man… kind of miss those lifestyle… *grinz*

Another reason for looking forward to the month was that I was going to work myself outta my mind. As what it is always known as… “working no day, no night” is definitely my philosophy when I get very engrossed with my work… Can you imagine? Working like at 2200hrs during the night till the midnight hour mark… then, heading home, rest awhile… and continue working at 0530hrs in the morning stretching the timing till about 0900hrs… after which, proceeding straight to school… that is what people always say as, worker-holic… In another term, no life-er… :)

Lastly, of course, my mum first trip outta Singapore w/o the family… She was heading for Shanghai with my relatives… my Dad couldn’t make it for the trip due to work commitments… while I, gotta work and study too… So, that leaves my mum alone going for the trip… Not that I am happy that she is going for the trip, then, I can havoc at home… just that, I simply want her to enjoy the overseas trip…

Now, to further talk about the happenings of this month, many things happened out of my expectation of it.

Firstly, let’s talk about my birthday. On my birthday itself, was actually feeling very bored… a total contrast between my thinking of the day’s happenings with the actual day itself. From the morning till the afternoon, I was practically staying at home with no program in mind… This was the time whereby something unexpected happened. I actually went on to send a SMS to one of my friend, whom I know ever since my secondary school years, Joycelyn. I have simply got no idea why I did that, but, I was glad that I did it…

After rounds of persuasion, I was able to convince her to go out with me… with the condition that I have to go fetch her at her school’s hostel… which is all the way to the west of Singapore… This meeting I had with her is like our very first meeting ever since the secondary years… was hoping that she won’t change so much till I can’t recognize her… hahaha… luckily, she didn’t change much! *grinz* had a fun time chatting with her… getting to know her better, in terms of her current living style and such, and lastly, a good movie watching time too! At the night, due to time constraints, she was forced to follow me home and then, sending my mum to the airport for her shanghai trip… (btw, Joycelyn was my ex-girlfriend…) So, the meeting between her and my mum was then, (errr…) their third meeting ever since I got to know Joycelyn… (the number of meetings my mum had with her is lesser than the years we know each other!) well, for poor Joycelyn, she had to actually withstand all the looks from my relatives, taking her as my current girlfriend(which isn’t true… hahaha… poor thing!), when we were at the airport… :D

Now, besides this meeting with Joycelyn I had, I would like to take the opportunity to apologise to my caregroup, C040, friends who have actually arranged for a meet-up session which I failed to attend during my birth date… (dui bu qi! I am just too lousy in time management during times…) it was so nice of you people to give me 21 different gifts… although I received only 20 of them… as the last one was the birthday cake… curious to know what are the contents of it? Well, there are many many things… of course, the “traditional” present which friends always give each other during birthdays is there… condoms… hahaha… besides that, still got exotic ones like a tong-like underwear? Hahaha… these people are nuts… till now, the gifts which I have explicitly mentioned are kept UN-USED. Don’t expect me to wear that “sexy” underwear as I seriously don’t dare to… *LOL*… the rest of the gifts varies from cologne all the way to chocolates and such… thanks a lot, my friends… really appreciate it loads!


May came on as a month just like April… packed with work assignments at the Airport… besides the work commitments I had, I also got to attend several meetings in school for the upcoming event, Freshman Orientation Week a.k.a. Week-zero Orientation. This time round, I am a much busier man as I am one of the three organizers of this event.

As the event is expecting an audience of not lesser than 300, you bet… it involves hell loads of planning… So, most of the days in the first half of the month was spent preparing and organizing the things that are needed for the event… Besides the preparation work, I was also expected to help up with a pre-Orientation Leader camp, which was organized to help train potential Orientation Leaders from the pool of students in the Information Technology School. This event occurred right before the Week Zero Orientation, therefore, besides the planning of the orientation, I was also involved in the actual event’s execution date, which is due on the second half of May.

For the Week Zero Orientation, everything went on pretty smoothly. This wouldn’t be possible if any of my volunteer helpers weren’t there to support every single decisions make by the organizers. Therefore, I would like to thank all of them… for their dedication and precious time taken and spent during the course of the event’s execution. You people were simply so important!!! Next, the lecturers who are involved in the event. These people includes, Mr. Victor Foo, Mr. Leong and Mr. J. Chee. Thanks for all the support help I have received from you people… and, without you all, the event wouldn’t have come to such a fantastic ending.
Lastly, the participants of the event itself, the freshies! I would like to thank you people for being so co-operative during the event itself… tolerating to some of my lousy organizing decisions and, for enjoying yourselves during the event! *grinz* =D

Now, May was also crucial as we start to make preparations for the upcoming Major Project, which we will be having in our 3rd year of studies in Temasek Polytechnic. Firstly, I would like to apologize to Aixuan, for omitting her out of the project team due to the next demands of the Major Project Committee for limiting the number of members in the team from 4 to 3. As for what happened during the end of May was that we got to know our supervising lecturer and the evaluator for the project.

With all these, it basically sums up for the month’s happenings.


This month started out with me getting real busy with my school work. Even though there were only a few subjects I was scheduled to take for my final study semester in Temasek Polytechnic, The study stress which I received this semester is no lighter than others! The reason being so are that the few subjects I took up can be considered as “heavy-weight” subjects! A lot of output from these subjects were expected from us… making everything so cramped up and such… who would imagine that when they look at our lightly-scheduled timetable… *tsk!*

Besides the study stress I received, (by the way, I didn’t work for the whole month of June…), this was also the month whereby I was very occupied with my emotional feelings.

After much thinking, I have decided to give relationship another try in my life… but, I was rejected this chance by the other party. Well, maybe the she is just not ready to accept someone new into her life… or, maybe, I am not worthy of her… It was pretty hard to accept such a decision, considering that everything turned out pretty fine in the past, as in the times were spent together and such.

On the other hand, it was also my first time facing rejection…(not that I am so damn good looking…) well, guess everything has its first time… and, so, I had my… of course, I have to respect her decision, which I did…, but, things started to make a very big twist… because of my moment of folly, I have destroyed my friendship un-wittedly… till this day, I still blame myself for all these happenings… which is really tat bad…

Hmmm… with all these happenings, it concludes up my 2nd quarter of year 2005!

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