Saturday, December 24, 2005


i wonder if my flu virus is over yet..

slept from the time i reached home from work yesterday.. approximately, had a rest of over 12hrs.. didn't have my dinner.. coz i feel nausea..

didn't have a good rest though.. first coz of the sickness, i have been twisting and tossing around my bed.. secondly, was coz of the "coldness" i feel.. even though the fan was off for the whole night.. thirdly, early in the morning, theres this loud "music"(tamil) sound accompanying our ear drums!!! even till now, it is still playing!! argh!

but, when i woke up.. i feel slightly better... still, having doubts in whether the virus has been cleared...

why? coz i m still suffering from some after-effects of it..

having bodyaches all over... when i cough, my rib cage hurts.. then, when i sneeze, my head hurts... and, when i swallow my saliva, my throat hurts.. woohoo... !

anyway, hope i can recover in time... coz, i will be going outta Chennai City tomorrow! where to? to a place known as Mahapadipuram for a chill up trip with the singaporean couple whom i kept mentioning in my previous postings... looking forward to it... but, hopefully, i don't spend too much... hahaha... ;)

lastly, wishing all my friends in Singapore.. an advance Merry Christmas.. !!! :)

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