Friday, November 18, 2005

fLy DaY

yeap... its friday again! 2 coming days for me to rest myself.. get energized! weeheee~

today, as usual, was awaken by the pigeons again! this time round, they were fighting sia.. can you imagine the amount of noise generated by their fights? oh man..

btw, something weird happened to me yesterday night.. was lying on the sofa watching tv.. then, also, doing some exercises like sit ups.. the rest of them we at the dining table playing games.. outta a sudden, i just doze off.. like blackout sia.. haahha.. was feeling so damn tired outta a sudden.. came to me like someone gave me some slping pills to eat.. :X but, i was still able to pull myself up from the sofa and walked to my room.. was lying flat on the bed.. but, still able to wake up and remove all the stuffs that were around my bed.. after that, switched off the lights and sent out a SMS.. then, knock out till this morning!!! wonderful... abt a total of 8-9hrs of slp.. sounds like a pig right? dun know.. but, i definitely enjoyed it.. :X

now, talk abt work... we were asked to meet our immediate supervisor yesterday to discuss on the projects we will be assigned to... there will be 2 of us assigned to the same project while the rest will be splitted individually.. personally, i fancy the former more than the latter.. reason for it is that i am more interested in the nature of the industry the product is developed on.. if i can't get that, then, i would probably go for the one under the banking industry.. :X sad ah... how come they never assign us any Singapore projects... if they do, i will feel more "homely".. hahaha.. :D

ok.. now, on the general part of my trip to Chennai.. soon, while into the weekend, it marks the 3rd weekend here... overall, the guys and i are starting to adapt to the way of living here.. though its pretty different from the usual lifestyle we had in Singapore, but, we are still able to live with it..

heehee.. shall get busy with my work le.. blog later! ;)

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