Saturday, November 19, 2005

its sat-a-day!

will i spend my saturday sitting down at home and rot.. ?

that seems to be a situation which is possible when the three of us, YH, Jimmg and i, have been sitting in the hall waiting for Nassa and Saiful to return from their bank trip!

Err.. yeah!!! they are finally back!!! hungry....

but, before we can move off... i need to do my laundry first... else, no clothing to wear! hahaha.. not that serious la... just that i wanna clear it before sunday.. so that i can rest~ but, i think the guys wanna go out on sunday... to watch harry potter... hopefully, i will have ample rest before i start another week of work!

okay.. shall go get busy... :)

will blog more when i am back... yeah!!! :)

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