Tuesday, November 22, 2005

rainy day!

alright.. today is a rainy day! its raining in the morning... stopped for awhile.. then, rained in the afternoon... stopped for another while... then, continued raining during the night... hahaha... something is wrong with the "tap"!!! someone, get a plumber to get it done! :X

anyway, abt the afternoon raining session... oh man... its really weird lor... i think the downpour was there for a purpose... to stop us from going lunch! must be! coz, the moment we stepped outta the building, it was drizzling... halfway to the main gate, it started to rain heavily... never mind.. we decided to try our luck by visiting the restaurant opposite our office.. the moment we reach there, it is still under renovation! yeah.. we know its under renovation.. just that wanna try our luck.. the moment we finished deciding where to head to, it was already raining cats and dogs!!! wah lao... we are destinated to be stucked there!!! so, we stood outside the ice cream shop beside the restaurant.. hoping that thte rain will somehow stop.. but, it didn't! so, we stayed there, chatted abit... then, decided to brave the rain to rush over back to our office building... yup.. we ran in the rain!! went back to our workplace... settled down for awhile... and called for the pizza... but, before we make the call, i peeped outside to look at the situation.. whether it is flooding or what.. but, to my surprise! the rain STOPPED!!! wah lao... win liao lor... so, we wasted money to call the pizza... had lunch only at 1430hrs.. SG time 1700hrs...

bleah... and, today, waited 2hrs 30mins for the taxi to come again... it was suppose to come at 1745hrs... ended up, it only came at about 2015hrs!!! yeah.. only reached home at Singapore's timing, 2345hrs.. ridiculous.. again stuck with all this taxi stuffs... bleah!

nonetheless, i guess everyone is starting to adapt to the environment le.. coz, this time round, although we were still abit pissed... but, not as pissed as before.. yup... moulding us to become more patient pple...:X

heh heh... alright.. got to continue to do my work already.. blog tomorrow morning when i reach office! ciaos.. ;)

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