Monday, November 21, 2005


weee! finally.. today morning, it rained! i think it brings in the cool more than the blues! but, due to the rain, it make me feel so lazy! didn't feel like coming as the weather is so good for a nice slp! bleah! but, do i seem like i have a choice? moreover, there isn't any "wake up" call from the pigeons today... maybe its due to the rain, they went into hiding!

hahaha... today, we were assigned the "put aeroplane" driver.. if you have read my previous posting, you will know who i am referring to.. the Mr. loads of "Sorry"! hahaha... as usual, he will always greet us good morning and hopefully we won't mention anything about the "aeroplane" incident.. hahaha... which we didn't.. anyway, he was driving so fast today.. and, we almost met with an accident(*touch wood*) with an auto... it was like going towards each other at such high speed.. luckily the both turned opposite direction of each other.. else, we will probably be on our way back to Singapore soon... :X

btw, forgot to mention about sunday.. slept till the afternoon.. abt SG time 1330hrs.. had such a great rest then.. hehehe... during the late afternoon, went out to the nearby supermarket, Food World, to get our weekly groceries.. on the way, we decided to go explore the area for a restaurant which our Singapore colleague actually brought us to during our 1st weekend here.. so, we walked even further.. we walked so much that we ended up going to another Food World branch... i think, we could have easily walked 2++KM from our apartment.. as we weren't very sure on the way to the restaurant, we decided to go into the supermarket to purchase our groceries and call it a day... hahaha.. on our way back, we decided to have our first meal of the day! that is to a Malaysian chain fast food restaurant, Pelita.. i took a look at my watch.. it was abt SG timing 1730hrs before the first spoonful of food enter my mouth on sunday! cool hor... hahaha.. ate till pretty full.. the meal also brought in the first mouthful of fruits i had during my 3 week stint here! had a cup of apple juice.. which costed me abt 45rupees(SGD1.40++).. hahaha...

had a thought thru during this weekend... been on the spending spree.. bad bad bad.. i better start saving up abit before everything is gone! =P

will blog more if i have the time.. ciaos! ;)

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