Thursday, November 17, 2005

ard the corner!

woohooo... weekend is around the corner! we have had programmes already for the weekend!!!

we are gonna go to Chennai's posh shopping centre known as Spencer's Plaza... last weekend, Jimmy and Nassa went there... they actually walked there.. it took them about 40-50mins of walking... wonder are we walking this weekend or taking a taxi.. i would like to try walking though.. on the other hand, i also feel like taking a taxi.. i think i would suggest them walking there and taking a taxi back! hahaha.. whatever the case, shall go there to take a look..

Heard that things there are pretty expensive.. well, shall only believe it when i been there myself.. i am rather stubborn... must witness first before making a conclusion.. heehee.. :P

Anyway, the previous entry was pretty short coz i was in the hurry to leave the office.. why? something which u will never guess happened!! the taxi this turn round was on-time! LOL... finally... but, the driver's vehicle makes me kinda worried.. its the very first time i see a vehicle's engine stalling while on the move.. woohoo.. but, what do you expect? I mean, they don't drive very new vehicles wat.. but still, as long as it moves, it will nevertheless be known as a vehicle! hahaha.. but, the ride home was also an eye opener.. coz, somehow, the driver took the way passing the posh area of Chennai... not bad.. quite nice.. it would be fabulous if the traffic was to be in a more organised manner.. :P

Oh, while on the way to work today, i saw the "Singapore Visitor Centre" opened in Chennai by Singapore Tourism Board... shall visit it this weekend... might be able to see something familiar there... Singaporeans!!! :D

alright.. now, to my friends who are somehow "suffering" in Singapore, do take good care of yourself.. may it be Major Project or Student Internship Programme! go go, jiayou!!! :D

*ps: will be assigned my project team later... abit anxious to know on what i am going to be tasked to developed! :X

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