Monday, November 14, 2005

4 letter words...

its monday... usually, in Singapore, monday will be filled with loads of work.. but, in Chennai, it seems like Monday is a slow start of the week...

Today ain't a good start for me too... first thing in the morning, the driver who always pick us up in the morning put our aeroplane again! the funny thing is that during saturday morning, supposingly our off day, he came!!! at 0850hrs somemore!!! can you imagine.. everyone is slping.. and, he, at our doorstep, pressing the bell??? the first ring, no one pick it up... i took it for granted that one or two of my flat mates are already awake.. so, i simply ignore it and try hard to go back to sleep... but, few minutes later.. the bell came along! argh.. pissed, i woke up and went to the door to see who the weird visitor are we having at the doorstep.. it turns out to be the driver!!! >_< he thought that we gotta work on sat. too.. the moment i opened the door, we had this conversation

Driver: No work today??
Me: No... (Giving a very very slpy face)
Driver: Oh! Sorry sorry!
Me: (Shaking my head in a dismay manner)
Driver: Sorry sorry! I come on monday!
Me: Okok...
Driver: Sorry sorry!

So, tat is the first conversation of my saturday... a lorry load of "Sorry"..
then, on monday(tats today and what i mentioned earlier), we waited patiently till 0910hrs.. he din turn up sia... wa lao.. put our aeroplane!!! kuku leh.. tsk.. cannot trust him one lor... second time put our aeroplane le.. grrr...

Anyway, been listening to my Zen ever since i reached office... wonder whats wrong with it... keep playing love songs.. can't stand it!!! bleahz... feel tat nowadays, 力不从心.. always 半途而废.. don't know what i want exactly.. got abit of 不知所措 feeling.. what have i actually done wrong to myself? hmmm.. 烦死人了... making me 心事重重.. 哈哈哈哈..

shall blog more at a later time.. if i ever find some time.. :)


Phyllis said...

Hey, sound so xin fu to have a driver sia~!~ Anyway, i wanna complain!~! Ur tag board spoilt one. . . Cannot tag! Pls change a new one!~

ah ron said...

hmmm.. of course got driver la.. if not, the taxi ownself roll to our workplace meh? hahaha.. anyway, changed the taggy liao... :D