Tuesday, November 22, 2005

technical stuffs!

if you are not technically inclined, please ignore this posting.. i am just trying to whine my pain out!

hmm... started out the day with my newly found lover... her name is "Struts".. hahaha...

been trying to understand my "new lover" for the past weekend.. till now, i only know the basics of her... oh man.. whats more.. the basics i know is really basics!!!

this is such a difficult thing to do.. trying to understand a framework and know how it works.. difficulty level, 99! have so many online tutorials to refer to.. but, none of them are accurate! the writer always miss out several parts in their documentation... thus, making the whole thing not workable... grrr!

besides trying to understand this "lover" of my, i have also got to adapt to a new coupled along software, an IDE, "Eclipse"... why am i leaving my JCreator? coz Eclipse have got plug-ins that can debug and let me understand my "lover" characteristics... the struts-config.xml.. now, trying to install the plug-in(for the very first time) into Eclipse...

should have started using Eclipse long ago.. then, i wouldn't have this problem of needing to understand all these at one go...

guess this is part and parcel of life... i don't seem to have a choice.. do i... ? :X

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