Wednesday, November 16, 2005


alright... today is wednesday... and, it is the midweek of our 3rd week in India, Chennai!

Well, as usual, was woken up by pigeon's "feeding" sound... every morning, without fail, there will be this pigeon nest exactly outside the window panel of my room(btw, i share the room with Yonghon).. always, about 0730hrs(Chennai's timing, Singapore's timing would be 1000hrs), the pigeon would come and feed its young.. they are always making weird weird noises which i really can't stand at all.. moreover, whats more is the noises actually awaken me from the much needed rest which i gotta have in order to have ample strenght to last me thru the day!! grr... so, just like what i always do, i would just simply go to the window panel and hit it twice... if not, i would open the window and the pigeon will fly away... leaving its young there... i reckon that the little young one can't fly yet.. so, yup.. it was left there all alone..

dun worry.. i m not the evil one that will push the young one down three levels to the ground.. heehee.. *grinz*

today was abit exceptional... while bathing, i started hearing the pigeon's sound again..(btw, the bathroom is just beside our room).. i took a peek outside thru the window panel and i found out that the pigeon was actually now at our neighbour's window panel looking at its young.. oh man.. it suddenly strikes me that i m so evil! depriving the pigeon from feeding its young... *gosh*.. what have i done..!!!

so, like i always do, i started thinking loads while bathing... and i started to realise once again.. humans are just so selfish.. selfish in the sense that in order to achieve comfort in our own style, we just simply ignore about the surroundings.. at a very rare circumstances, we would spare a thought for whats happening around us.. hmmm.. well, prior to this thought, i will try not to be selfish anymore.. shall let the pigeon continue to have its nest there and continue feeding its young..

let the feeding sound irritate Yonghon now... since he is slping nearer to the window panel.. wahhaha... if there comes a chance whereby i can record down the sound make by the pigeon, i will let you people hear it... and judge how it can awake u from ur slp.. :P

oh, btw, waited for the taxi yesterday night till 2045hrs(2315hrs in Singapore!) before we manage to get onto one(as a matter of fact, we did not get ANY taxi at all.. we took Auto(a three wheeler) home.. as there are a total of 5 students, we can only split into two groups.. each Auto costs us 50rupees.. which sums our transportation fee for the day to about 40rupees).. arrgh! this taxi thingie is getting on the nerves of everyone! lets hope the arrangement make by our company would be a much better one.. coz, i think everyone is getting pretty affected by this.. we were only able to eat at about Singapore's timing 0000hrs... had pizza delivery as Jimmy wasn't feeling well.. hahahaha... gonna be a "junk boy" like my mum always grade me... :D

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