Tuesday, November 01, 2005

first posting @ India!

ok.. here goes my first posting from India to you people out there..

Everything is fine here.. the apartment is quite good and cosy..(tats the only thing i can think of to compliment)

As for the bad side, theres abit of food-shortage(only had my first meal of the day at abt 1500hrs[Singapore time]).. water-shortage(only 2 big bottles[abt 3litre] to be shared within 5 of us!)..

hahaha.. whateva the case.. will try to work it out..

now, as for the photos.. will post it up tomorrow at office.. coz, bandwidth @ our apartment is limited to 600MB per month! guess what.. i think i have used close to 10MB for just 2 days.. really.. usage is so high! must really learn how to improvise.. dun face this kinda problem at Singapore.. argh! but, one thing good is, the internet connection at our apartment is almost on par with the one at Singapore! it isn't laggy at all! thats the plus point of it! :)

Will post up more stuffs when i m back at office... heard that our landlord will be coming later to bring us out for dinner.. !

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