Sunday, November 27, 2005

laziness... ?

yup.. in my indulgence of laziness, i feel the reluntance of updating my blog.. don't ask me why.. as i have simply got no idea too..

maybe coz of some stuffs which happened in the office.. or, it could be the lack of visitors.. or even maybe coz i am just plain lazy...

i think its probably a mixture of all three possibilities..

anyway, went to "Singapore Visitors' Centre" today... met a guy named "Shannon".. he is a Singaporean.. he is married to a Singaporean lady here... who happens to be the one in charge of the centre... and ya.. before you start guessing... Shannon is not her subordinate.. he is just helping up there as he do not need to work on the weekend... he has his own business here.. wait.. why am i describing him here? LOL..

he is a pretty funny and nice guy... told us many things about the place here.. initially, he was laughing at us... for? for why on earth are we attached to this place! hahaha... we didn't know why we chose this place either.. don't get the wrong intention.. he is not telling us the place isn't good... its just that, it is pretty weird for someone of the age of ours to be attached here.. heeZ

but, he filled us up with lots of information abt what we shld do here.. he told us we should sign ourselves up with a local agent and visit some place which we will never get to in Singapore... places like to a hill-top... to a nature reserve area... woohoo!!! so tempted to go take a look at these places... anyway, i took down the name of the places... hoping that i might have the chance to use it...

this meeting with him is very nice and informative.. but, it also strike me in a sense whereby... he is a NTU graduate... when he started work, he was assigned here.. why would a NTU graduate come here... for job... but, why did he chose this job in the first place.. does it mean that Singapore have no placing for a graduate to "survive" in... oh man... Singapore employment market is getting so saturated.. future seems to be so bleak!!! *sad*

oh ya.. talking abt sad.. i think, i am starting to have symptons of depression whenever i am alone.. ya.. tats abt me these few days..

ps: it has been raining this few nights here.. almost every night, its raining.. like now, it is having a heavy downpour.. *sigh*

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