Wednesday, November 09, 2005

happenings @ Chennai!

Ridiculous, that’s the only word in mind for the 4 of us, excluding Saiful.

Why? We were kept waiting for our taxi for abt 1hr 30mins! Can you imagine that? Nonsense… We kept calling their call centre… initially, they told us it will take another 30 mins, we were like.. fine… maybe due to the traffic or something like that… we waited for abt an hr before we are convinced that another call is needed… this time round, they told us another 15mins… alright… maybe coz due to the rain! But, 20mins passed and no taxi came! We called once again… and they said 10mins… determined not to be a kanna sai passenger, we just take it as it came…but, still, it didn’t come along… this time round… I was so damn pissed… I called up and started to speak louder… the previous calls we make by Nasa, which I feel isn’t “powerful” enough…

I think they transferred me to their manager… and he kept telling me that the driver is at the front gate… making sure that things go right this time round, I told him that if I don’t see the taxi, I will give him a call again to let him have a feel of what I m feeling…!

Lucky for him, the taxi came… so damn pissed… can you imagine? 1hr 30mins just for a taxi!? If this occurs in Singapore, I think the taxi company would probably suffer from public scrutiny! All eyes would be on the stupid taxi company… Nonsense…

Anyway, finally, we got our internet connection on our work stations… but, theres a lot of things which can’t be done! Things like, going onto MSN… checking email(yahoo or school’s student mail) etc. sighz… so many restrictions… I wonder how their staff work this way… moreover, its like, they have given us such legacy system to work with… P3 500MHz… and, the software we are using to develop programs is NetBeans! Back in school, with a P4, using of NetBeans cause many jerks and lags… now, with a P3… and, it’s the lower version of P3… what do u think???

Oh man… as commented by one of my flat mate… time passes quite fast… yup… already my 8th day in Chennai… but, I wish the time would pass even faster… seriously, I m homesick!!! Besides home-sickness, I am also friends-sick!!! Miss everyone in Singapore! So sad… but, I shall push on! And, I shall not think too much while in here… I must persevere!!! That’s Aaron, right? :D

Alright… for those who are back at Singapore, enjoy your time! Whether it is attachment or school term, enjoy it to the fullest! As you really can’t imagine how much we are going through now in Chennai… outta 5 of us, 3 already fallen sick… one of us who is tat sick that needs medical attention in one of their local hospital… hai… but, don’t worry! Its not me!(as if anyone would bother if the person is me or not…)

Take care!

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