Monday, October 31, 2005

last posting @ .sg for this year..

this would be my last positng for this yr @ .sg

sad, it might sound.. anxious for me, it might be.. but still, its a process whereby i need to learn and experience in order to advance in life.. serious..

like from what yh have stated in his blog's final posting.. there will be many many things for me to think of when i m away from singapore.. especially when it comes to relations from the heart.. oh well, i would say, things can be replaced, or even removed... but, memories can't.. its like what others always say, no one can ever torture u.. except for urself.. if u do not wish to remove a particular section of the memory from urself, it will never be removed.. it all depends on inidividual on handling such problems.. one can choose to remove and forget.. it all depends on him/her.. probably, tats the reason why i m feeling so vexed.. coz, i have chosen not to forget..

i believe tat at this point of time, i am having the option to forget.. why? coz, i finally found another person i feel for.. but, i dun think that i would take any action.. why? coz i am afraid to jeopardize another friendship like what happened to me before.. somehow, i think its gonna be like the situation i had.. so, yup.. kinda afraid in taking advances le.. hmmm.. juz act as if nothing had happened bah! moreover, i will be away from singapore.. hahaha.. gonna spend the nights there working hard.. work work work!!! dun think too much! even if i wanna think, i will spend my time thinking of my family and close friends! hahaha..

last but not least, to everyone/anyone writing this posting.. good luck to u in whateva u are doing.. and, may happiness be with u all..

alright.. shall stop blogging.. will send my regards via this blog site when i touch down in the new land.. India, here i come! i shall conquer!!! :D

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