Monday, May 23, 2005

wo you dong xin le!!!

as the title suggests... hmm.. but then, i know, it would never come thru.. hahaha..
oh well, at least, juz thinking of it would be great.. wait till it really happens, it would be fantastic! when it comes through, it would be FABULOUS!!! lol.. what am i talking about.. dun know.. sounds incoherent..

today's happenings are rather boring.. spent the early hours with daniel, mark and willyn... we met at about 0100hrs... were out till 0500hrs... went for supper.. relax for awhile.. talk talk talk talk talk talk talk.. till almost day break... hahaha..

slept for not more than 6hrs, was then awaken by daniel's call.. asking me to go sim lim with him.. okay.. so, i woke up.. bathed.. then, he called and told me gotta wait till 1400hrs... i was like.. OMG.. then, why u woke me up so early?!!?!?!?
hahaha.. that idiot... luckily today's transport is a drive around... got car.. else.. would have dozed off many many times on the bus.. hahaha.. :D

tat pig spent $835 today! on new parts for his computer... AMD.. hahaha.. hope he will enjoy his purchases! hahaha.. tons of money spent on technology... what a waste.. shld have spent it on me.. :P

nothing much to say.. juz abit slpy.. and, school will re-open in abt.. ermmm.. 11hrs? hahaha.. nitey!

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