Saturday, May 21, 2005

post camp!

yeah! finally... the event ended! it ended quite well... but, as for some parts of it.. especially the Bedok Reservior and Sports Complex part.. pretty upset abt it..

If it was better, the whole event would be a 101% success! :D

nonetheless, many of the Orientation Leaders and Freshies enjoyed the process! know it when i walked through the different LTs for a closing speech.. hahaha...

so tired... later still must go airport and work... zzz... no work = no money! no choice!!! bleahs!

time really pass so fast... it seems like yesterday i was a freshie.. and today, i m already getting ready to graduate... so fast... can't the time be slower.. ?? hmmm... hai.. getting older day by day... bleahz!

think i shall rest for awhile more and get ready to go to bed... wan an, people! :)

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