Tuesday, May 10, 2005


hmmm... its the third consecutive night i m staying home and doing nothing.. ok.. yesterday night was an exception... driving out alone.. hahaha.. how boring it could be..

anyway, think tat things are getting from bad to worse nowadayz.. juz continue to be this way w/o changing.. maybe i shld juz turn in early and start training up my body in preparation for NS.. hahaha.. but, kinda early leh.. dun know la..

juz feel like rotting nowadayz.. when i feel like going out, no one wants to go with me.. machiam i m some epidemic or have some highly contiguous sickness like tat... hahaha...

tomorrow gotta go airport do check in... sian.. so long never do liao... suddenly lazy to go there all the way... hahaha.. takes abt an hour juz to reach there.. bleahz... !!! but, never mind.. listen to radio bah.. hahaha.. time passes pretty fast with a radio on hand.. of coz.. will doze off halfway thru the journey.. tats why i said, its FAST ~ hahaha...

alright... will juz stick around tonight and hope there will be some activities later.. (which i strongly doubt so...)

nitey, reader.. (whoever u r...)

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