Wednesday, May 18, 2005



finally, the Week Zero event is gonna get on the track soon... and, it will not take long before it ends its journey!

faster over... faster faster faster... hahaha... hope there isn't any major problemz while the event is on... hope it turns out smooth... lalala.. :)

many things on my mind now... but, mainly, they can be categorized as one!!! thats, the stupid event!!! hahaha.. plan and plan and plan... zzz...

today was another day of rushing about and organizing stuffs... and also, had my final year project briefing.. oh man.. another thing!! my NAPFA is on 8th JUNE 2005!!! RIDICULOUS lor... so near to the date liao.. how they expect me to train my fitness up with such short notice.. still expect pple to pass when there isn't any time allowance for pple to train.. wake up la, TP..

and... second week from the re-opening of school, i need to pass up stuffs regarding my FYP liao.. 15% of overall marks somemore... kuku lor... SOMEMORE... my supervisor for FYP is like some unknown and uncontactable guy... weird... evaluator also dun know who sia... heard that she is one fierce fella who might juz bite u off... hahaha... :D

oh well, now, i gotta go plan out some stuffs and work it out... zzz.. =D

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