Friday, May 13, 2005

its another day!

oh.. today will be more than a day... hahaha..

went to the airport earlier this morning to work... oh man.. early in the morning.. no taxi wanna ferry me to the airport.. dun know why... saw three taxis at different times.. all didn't even wanna stop.. went down at abt 0450hrs.. only manage to get one about 0510hrs... hahaha.. ridiculous..

realise that when u dun need any taxi, they just keep appearing in front of u.. when u need it, they just suddenly disappeared into thin air.. hahaha.. maybe this is a new psychological finding! *dream on*

tonight gonna camp at the airport... hahaha.. 2230hrs got one.. later at 2350hrs another one.. last but not least, 0210hrs... haahaha.. cool eh? think gonna bring the laptop over to accompany me.. just in case i m dead bored while waiting.. heh heh..

oh ya.. this morning, my house suffered a few hours w/o electricity supply! totally nothing~~

its due to the upgrading of e meter.. but, so stupid.. i was sleeping halfway thru and perspiring as if i was working at the gym! hahaha.. but nonetheless, the electricity came back at about 1300hrs.. *relieved*

oh well, time for my breakfast cum lunch.. cya ard! :)

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