Sunday, May 15, 2005


ok.. i m watching "fei chang nan nu" now...

oh well, they are talking on a topic whereby i think its a very debate-able question..

question: which is more difficult to be, guy or gal??

to me, i think being a guy have a harder path as per compared to the other gender..

see.. everyone have high prospects over the guy as compared to the ger... if, we do not perform as well as what they have gauged u, its like the end of the world... as for the other gender, their target given to them is usually slightly lower.. therefore, it seems more obtainable for them..

hmmm.. another thing.. why do everyone have the mentality whereby a guy is much stronger in terms of EQ ??? what makes everyone think that a guy sobbing is equivalent to a weakling??? this is a ridiculous thinking.. isn't it... ? guys have emotions too.. i think theres every right whereby a guy can cry due to emotional matters... guys can't cry when someone close to them departs for good... what kinda stupid thinking that can be.. ??? and, does it always mean that a guy is usually the party whereby won't cry? i think, guys can cry more than gers does... the only difference is that a guy can only carry out such activity in a closed door affair...

so, conclusion, GUYS are the HARDER to be gender!!!!

the other question.. "Which gender will u choose when u rebirth??"

i will choose to be a girl! i would want to have a "taste" of the authority whereby a ger can enjoy.. the authority are stuffs like, they can juz bask in love given by the guy's tender loving care w/o giving any thought that they shldn't take it for granted... another thing... when it comes to monetary terms, i can juz use the guy's $$$ ~~~ ;)

the above are just points whereby i wish to comment on... so, if u have any views which u wish to let me know, just drop me a comment.. :)

now, for today... oh well, went to nicole's chalet.. hahaha.. its a gers chalet there!!! so many gers.. wanted to play along.. but, better not.. hahaha.. might juz go crazy.. =D

before i end this blog, NICOLE LEE LINGHUI... HAPPY 21st BirthdaY tO U !!!! :D


陈卓思灵 said...

hmmm.definitely being a girl is better.besides.who says anything about a men can perform better than a women?here's it:

"This year, women own a 50 percent or larger stake in 10.6 million privately held companies, the Center for Women's Business Research said.

women at work:
If men are more naturally aggressive and competitive, does that help them at all in society or is it a big handicap?
Women it seems are generally better at networking, less confrontational, and more personable. They are better talkers a lot of the time, and they are more empathetic as well. (Not to mention having better manners.)

besides, when u get old..women are usually better off.
Elderly women have better mental function than men despite their lower level of formal education, conclude Dutch researchers in the current Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.
The authors conclude that limited formal education alone cannot explain the differences in mental function in men and women. They suggest that biological differences -- such as the relative absence of cardiovascular disease in elderly women compared with men of the same age -- could account for these sex differences in mental decline.


陈卓思灵 said...

anyway.that was a lot of cut n paste.but seriously, i love being a women. i still believe that the two sexes cannot be equal. well. not cos men are more domineering, but coz women receive far too many privilleges. *laughs

of cos.u may think of the painful moments like childbirth, the time of the month, etc..but hey. these are not going to follow women through their entire life.besides.childbirth is optional.unlike NS. *oOps.

and i may be a bit biased here..but..i think guys need gals more than gals need guys. ok.obviously i m a girl. but it's not like i hate guys.

ah ron said...

ooo.. so, which means, it comes to show that guys are the more difficult to be beings... rite?? :D