Friday, May 27, 2005


hmmm.. actually, didn't wanna blog one.. but, after lookin' at a post, i decided to start typing..

well, this time round, i wanna talk about people having prejudice against something or an object..

first and foremost, i know, being prejudice against any situation would make one blinded toward facts... therefore, there are times whereby i will tell myself, "this person definately ain't in the position to comment.."

yes.. i m always siding one side whenever i ask a question to anyone.. but, at least i dun go around saying other pple's opinion and going against them..(ok.. i do sometime.. but, trust me.. i tried not to!!!)

oh well, if you are being blinded by the facts, plz try not to go around influencing others and trying to sell your "facts" to others.. its misleading, ya know?

and, let this be for the those who do the above actionz, u are distorting stories!! so, stop doing it!!!

okay.. tats all about prejudice... lets not mention anything about it..

now, i trying to learn more about JavaMail.. but, the documentation for it is a whopping 90++ pages pdf file! full of words somemore!!! oh man.. this is gonna be torturing.. its like learning a new topic over the studies.. hahaha..

alright! time to slack around for awhile.. then, back to reading!!! :)

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