Wednesday, May 25, 2005

feast or fats?

haha.. today.. err.. shld i describe it as a gd or bad one? hahaha..

went to sakae sushi with sui, elvin, christina and xuan.. wah lao.. everyone was in an eating frenzy lor.. eat eat eat.. juz like hungry monsters on the loose.. hahaha..

we started out real strong! having more than 10 dishes lay out infront of us.. gobbling and engulfing any food which is in sight.. hahaha... really scary...

but, soon later, we started to pace down... slowly.. can't even squeeze anymore stuffs in.. hahaha.. the "hotel" was really fully booked!!! so fully booked tat one of the "hotel" gotta vomit the stuffs out.. hahaha.. tat's xuan's hotel.. hahaha..

while eating, we kept joking around.. no wonder tat we will vomit it out.. hahaha..

oh well, also went to the FYP lab today.. fun! never had such freedom in poly before.. hahaha.. besides the food frenzy, elvin and i were in a downloading frenzy too.. hahaha.. downloading many many stuffs to the two computers allocated to my FYP group.. hahaha.. so much so that i used up close to 10GB of space in a timeframe of an hour or so.. buwahahha.. unfortunately, its exclusive of any games which i wanna install... mostly MP3s and programmez which will be needed for our project.. feeling full of zest now to finish the project.. even though i have a pretty blurry image of what is supposed to be done.. haha.. nonetheless, will try to finish up the job.. since its the last semester at TP...

besides the two above mentioned stuffz, today, quite a number of people asked me about my MSN nick.. "omg! wo you dong xin le!"

actually, i wasn't thinking much liaoz.. but, since the brought up.. it kept me back at the dimension whereby i can only think and think and think abt it.. hahaha.. but, never mind.. juz think bah.. anyway, thinking dun need $$$.. :D

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