Tuesday, May 31, 2005


haha.. heard from my lecturer tat NAPFA @ TP has been postponed to a later date! fantastic... have some time for me to train my fitness up.. make sure i pass at the first attempt... hopeful, i will be able to train till the extent i get gold.. hahaha.. never had a chance to get gold before.. always due to some station.. e.g. standing broad jump and pull ups..

settled with my pull up le.. shld be able to get gold.. now, m worried only for the standing broad jump and 2.4km... i know how to train for 2.4.. but, not very sure abt the training for standing broad jump... anyone who have fantastic way of training it, plz drop me a comment... will gladly appreciate it.. plz do not tell me to carry a turtle shell behind me everyday.. i will probably turn out to be a hunchback before the test starts... hahaha.. :D

hmmm.. today was in a SMS spree.. but, never mind.. have 1000 SMSes in my account.. shld be enough to cover since the past few weeks, i send less than 200 msgs.. hahaha.. but, for the other party.. i wonder.. :P

another thing to think abt.. shld i re-run for INTSC.. ? really wonder.. juz tat i dun feel like missing out the fun while in the main committee... but, also, m abit tired of it.. the hectic lifestyle.. the time consuming meetings.. etc.. so many things to consider before makin' a decision lor.. dun know what to do leh..!!!

aiyahz.. if u pple are reading this blog post, do let me know ur comments on, firstly, how to train my standing broad jump.. secondly, whether i shld re-run for the main committee.. thanks alot.. wan an...

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Phyllis said...

Yes!~ U should re run!~!~ As for standing broad jump. . . U dun ask me!~! Haha