Sunday, May 29, 2005

happiness overwhelming!

have u ever since someone sobbing over a movie's happy ending?

i just saw one yesterday night.. hahaha.. find it very interesting... really!

the movie which i watched the night before was "Monster-In-Law".. if u happen to see someone sobbing during the movie, let me know.. hahaha.. else, i will grade the person i saw as "Unique".. hahaha.. kept laughing about it after the movie.. in fact, its more funny than the film.. hahaha..!

okay, was working before i went for the movies.. finally, did a SQ check in after so long.. errr.. maybe more than 3 months? or, more than that.. ? can't really remember well.. but, it definately was a breeze.. not much interaction needed with their counter staff.. only talk to pax..

everything went almost smoothly.. juz that, at the ending part, there was this old couple.. accompanied by their children and grandson, or daughter, at the airport.. the old couple's son really have an attitude problem... initially, i asked if there were any questions after making a clear and indepth explanation to them.. their first answer was "okay.. ke yi! mei wen ti!".. as they were the last group of passengers around, i then greeted them gd bye and told them to enjoy their trip.. then, their son looked at the stuffs i gave the old couple and kept firing questions without even looking at me.. so, i juz simply answered his string of questions.. after the answering spree, i stayed around and make sure they are okay with the procedures.. then, the son, this time round, kept asking me to leave.. ok.. his tone wasn't at the friendly type.. he kept saying, "ni zou la.. kuai dian zou la.."

what the hell lor... help u so much and this is what i get...

err.. okay.. enough of it.. sure makes me seem angry over it.. but, i m not! juz wanna let u know that, "you qian da bu liao, ke yi ya si ren la!"..

dun be an idiot like the person i mentioned above.. its ridiculous.. oh, another thing! the person's wife asked me how to get to the bus stop... and, guess whats the time when she asked me that question??? hahahha... it was 2350hrs lor.. and they still wanna take bus lor.. weird people.. :D

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