Saturday, May 14, 2005

back from work!

okay! i m back from work... heh heh...

breezed through three check ins.. though the last one have a little hiccup...

oh well, supposingly, the flight departs at 0420hrs.. but, it was delayed till 0830hrs.. hahhaa..
the passengers were abit unhappy.. but then, they juz kept joking around.. so, i followed suit..
hahaha.. they were initially unhappy due to the group size.. they wanted a tour leader.. but, their total group number stands at 18.. hahaha.. oh well, too bad.. later on, their flight delayed.. oh man.. it just aint their day.. hehehe... but, hopefully the tour will end up good for them.. since they paid quite an amount for it..

hmmm.. feeling pretty alert now.. dun think i will sleep tat early.. hehehe.. :)

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